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So tired of fighting for help !

I've seen the Crimbo today who said I'm looking much better for loosing 1 and a half St n wanted to discharge me from his clinic, I told him how I felt n he told me to up the thyroxine by 25mg,why would I do that,it has been done,I was ill ,I had to beg for a bit of T3 which he told me was only trial n I felt o.k. For a while then my levels started. To drop,why ? Why can't I get this right myself,it's soul destroying to have to rely on professionals that are rotten through n through n they get away with it,why is this ? Last copy of lab results I got was end of May this year,serum vitimin B12 453 ng/L. 191.00-663.00ng/L serum folate 12.6ug/L. 4.60-18.70ug/L. Serum ferritin 128ug/L. 15.00-200.00ug/L serum vitimin D 70.2 nmol/L 25-175.00nmol/L am I alive lol got to or I'll cry again,thanks for reading my post.

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Denne, It will help members to advise if you can post your recent thyroid results and say how much Levothyroxine and T3 you are taking.

Neurological symptoms can be experienced with B12 is <500 so you may want to supplement methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches to boost levels.

Vit D is 'adequate' but optimal is 75-200 and high in range is good. Supplement 2,000iu vitD3 daily softgel capsules or spray to maintain levels during Oct-April when ultraviolet levels are too low to stimulate vitD.

Ferritin and folate both look good.

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Usually, when you begin to feel unwell when taking levothyroxine, the TSH rises. Do you mean your vitamin levels have dropped?

Some of the above help the conversion of levothyroxine into T3. Some of us are poor converters. Also take Vitamin C with levothyroxine and that's also helpful in conversion.

As Clutter says, giving your thyroid hormone results with the ranges/dose of levo and T3 will be very helpful.


I dont know if these endos/doctors are ignorant or arrogant

but i do know they simply refuse to take even 5 mins to actually listen to thyroid patients and make a real effort to help


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