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Anyone have these symptoms?

Last year I was diagnosed with slightly overactive thyroid. Started waking up in the middle of the night with tremors, desperately needing to eat. Along with palpitations and agitation throughout the day.

GP was pretty good, over a period of 3 months had 2 blood tests to confirm, then referred to specialist at the hospital, had 3rd blood test - came back normal!

They said as I have hardly any symptoms I could try medication if I like, but best to see how I go. I was happy with this and it's seemed to clear up by itself.

For the past 2 weeks I've started waking up in the middle of the night again. (I'm a champion sleeper, so this is not normal) and I'm starting to get ravenous again.

Has anyone had this symptom? I'm going back to the docs for another blood test.

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Welcome to the forum, Geannie.

Your symptoms are consistent with hyperthyroidism so it's good you are getting another blood test. Always ask for a printout of your results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results). Normal is a broad range and it's good to know where in the range your results are.

Ask for a Thyroid Receptor antibody (TRab) test to rule out autoimmune hyperthyroid disease (Graves).


Yes, I was waking up every night with my heart pounding, mind you it pounded during the day as well but it was so bad at night it woke me up. I could feel my pulse in my abdomen rather than in my chest and I couldn't bear for my husband to put his arm across me - couldn't lean my own arm over my body either. I was incredibly anxious and jumpy. The worst car passenger ever and believe me I ate for England. My thighs gradually lost muscle tone until I was unable to get up from ground level without having to hold onto someone or anything that was to hand.

Many years ago I was tested with a view to being underactive and was told by a very surprised doctor that my thyroid was actually 'borderline overactive', I do wish I has followed t hat up but I didn't know then what I know now.

Like clutter says get checked out for antibodies. Many years later I finally reached crisis point it and it turned out that I have Graves. Your results might be normal for someone else but who's to say that they are normal for you?


Hi everyone,,iv been reading posts on this site and their are a few letters that say getting your thyroid results explained by the docs can be almost impossible.this has happened to me,,my symptoms are of overactive thyroid,,,and I know the symptoms because I was diagnosed overactive in 2004,,bloods were taken last year and came bk overactive twice in step/Oct then my last blood came bk normal but my symptoms were of overactive thiyroid..when I asked my Doc if he could explain the values he sruged and said I wouldn't understand them,,evertime i questioned him about my symptoms especially the profuse sweating,shacking,utter physical fatique,,after an episode I feel like I have just ran a marathon,,afterwards I just wanta sleep for england..iv suffered for nearly 2 years with this,,doc now thinks it could b adrenal,,and after geting angry with him he as eventually got me an appointment with the endo,,why do docs think they know best,,mine acts like a teacher I'm the pupil,, I never really feel like I can talk openly with him,,I broke down crying in his surgery 3 wks ago,,he never comforted me only handed me a tissue the look on his face told me he really was not interest in how I was felling,,not the actions you expect from a gp.I know on the site people say you have everyright to your result,,but getting past the gp ,is almost impossible


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