Reminder: Mary Kidson Interview

Reminder: Mary Kidson Interview

A reminder of tomorrow's interview.


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Peter speaks to Mary Kidson who was put on trial accused of poisoning her daughter with a cocktail of drugs that she bought on the Internet.

I am rather hoping that there might be some other coverage as well. Anyone seen anything?


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Thanks for the reminder, Rod. I haven't heard of any other coverage forthcoming.

Thanks for the reminder

Wish they wouldn't call hormones 'drugs'!!! Gives people the wrong idea.

Did anyone listen?

Does anyone have any comments?

I am about to List Again on iPlayer.

Thank you for posting Rod and I did play catch up on i-Player. Um, certainly the point concerning the unwanted visitors on the doorstep saw a reaction from Peter Allen of sheer incredulousness. He even asked the question again, to double-check that he'd heard correctly.

So many questions left hanging in the air although obviously appreciate that time is of the essence when broadcasting. I sincerely hope that an influential person listened and is able to take up the cudgels.

The point that the poor child was utterly failed by the NHS was not rammed home and should have been, in my opinion.

Mary Kidson showed great strength and calmness, respect to her.

I was disappointed by the interviewer.

The lawyer I found hard to stomach.

Mary came across as a human being placed in an extraordinarily difficult situation by her daughter's illness, the medical system, the law (or at least, some lawyers/CPS), social services, etc. She is still suffering.

It also hit me that the costs of the whole process must have been huge. Far, far more than a luxury hotel in Belgium while having regular appointments with Thierry Hertoghe.

Problem was that the interviewer had no perspective, if only he'd known about ThyroidUK and realised there was a nationwide travesty of poor and inadequate treatment.

Agree with your comments re the lawyer and costs. The billion dollar question is could this ever happen again? Will there be investigations into whether correct protocols were followed?

I was sorry there was not an opportunity for a phone in, as they did for the autism programme that followed, and that the "poisons" were not named and on what basis was the Judges "no case to answer".

Perhaps a phone-in would have been inappropriate in that it's all not done and dusted?

I think you are right about the phone in.

The lawyer chappie said that the absence of malice was the reason - as I doubt he sat through the evidence, I suspect that comment was not based on what was actually presented but a more general assumption.

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