Has anyone had a letter from their GP stating that T3 has now become a Red Drug and only prescribed by hospital doctors as it is only recommended for short term use (I have taken it for over 10 years!). If I wish to continue with T3 I need to arrange an appointment to see a hospital consultant to discuss!

I live in Somerset and would like to hear if anyone else in Somerset has had such letter and also anyone elsewhere in the country. Would also welcome advice from anyone who has successfully challenged this type of decision please.

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  • Patients are denied high cost drugs by NHS trusts

    Family doctors are being prevented from prescribing drugs for conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis as NHS managers attempt to make drastic budget cuts, an investigation has found.


    These lists vary by area - for example, greater Manchester:



  • Not to hijack this thread, but i clicked on the Do Not Prescribe list and voila, there's Armour. Argh.

  • I'm in Cornwall and my GP won't test T3 without communication with and 'say so' of the Endo consultant.

  • Just an add on to my last reply.....it was strongly implied that if I wanted my T3 testing I would need to have private testing.

  • ask to see an endocrinologist consultant, explain how you feel!

  • Thanks Saloplass, I did request to see an Endo but was told that while I was in the 'normal range' it was managed at GP level.........just an add on....I was diagnosed 32 years ago by a cardiologist! And have never seen an Endo but.....I'm taking action as we 'speak' to arrange some private blood tests etc.

  • I was classed as borderline when my son was born 34 years ago! and put on on Levothyroxine about 17 years ago. Gradully I felt worse and worse, tired and like exhausted, itchcy, and skin just feel off me. My GP sort of ignored it, telling me my thyroid was fine - the tests he did showed this. He did not understand T3 or test for it. EVER. I went into hospital with a heart problem - and was waiting for an appointment with a dermatologist. Both things happened very close. My dermatologist at Maggie Kirkup at WSM [now retired] listened to me, and she sent me to my Endocrinologist. That is how my inability to convert to T3 was diagnosed. Not through my then GP who fought against me being on Liothyronine back then. All sorts of things happened - finally my surgery were told they could prescribe it. All I suppose I am saying is your private bloods need to cover the checking of T3 as well as normal thyroid ranges. Good luck xx

  • That's helpful, I do need to find out exactly what I should get tested.

  • Sadly, nothing surprises me nowadays.

  • You will find that the “red amber green” list is ONLY classed as risk hierarchy is intended as guidance and has no legal status.

    Classification of unlicensed medicines is at the discretion of local PCTs and CCGs.

    The following websites will verify this.



    see Special needs in this pdf

    Hope this helps.

  • Excellent response bomap.

  • I live in West Somerset and I too have received the letter. The Chief Pharmacist is a blight!

  • Who is the chief pharmacist at Somerset CCG. I know I looked around our surgery and someone from the CCG was checking through the computer with all the scripts listed on it. I asked her what she was doing and she told me 'my job'.

  • Shaun Green

  • Ahh no 'e' thanks.

  • Thank-you everyone for your helpful replies!

  • I have heard gossip about this, but no letter as yet from my GP. I cannot convert T3. To get it years ago I had to involve my MP, my CCG drugs controller, my then GP was not interested and told me I did not need it. Within two hours of taking it years ago, the improvement was immense. Thank goodness I have a superb consultant at WSM General Hospital. But is this Somerset alone who are controlling this drug. I just wonder!!!! If so, then I am disgusted.

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