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alternating my medication for graves

hi I was diagnosed with graves in april 2013 was originally put on carbimazole 40mg. and propanalol this was reduced to 20mg. when I felt better and stopped taking propanalol as it made me feel sick and tired follow up blood tests were t4 12 so my gp said to try and reduce dose to 10mg. I started to feel edgy again and t4 was 17mg to cut this short i increased to 15mg. and t4 dropped to 9 I feel it is low as I,m tired all the time and couldn't lose weight I suggested I alternate between 10mg for a few days and 15mg. for a few days to see if I could balance but my gp said he had not heard you can do this I wonder if it is safe or will it affect me

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Frian, people do alternate doses but usually on alternate days. Why not try 12.5mcg daily.


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