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Results to come

So I went to get my blood results.

Receptionist said I need a phone call appointment with my dr but that won't come till Tuesday morning!

Anyway I asked for a print out of the results and she said she couldnt as the Dr hasn't put it on my notes that I'm allowed, but she did give me my tsh levels which was 2.54 so it's gone up from 1.52 in July.

The last few nights I've had horrendous hives so I'll be asking about them when she phones.

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Some receptionists don't think we should ask for our blood test results but we are entitled. When you speak to your GP tell him from now on you will request a copy and could he put it on your records. Always make sure the ranges are on them too. Yes, your TSH is rising but the guidelines state we don't get medicated until it reaches 10 but some GPs will when we reach 5 with symptoms. I don't understand the British Thyroid Association as they seem to have their heads in the sand. In the USA most people are treated around 3. I hope you feel better soon. When you get a blood test for the thyroid gland you should have it as early as possible, not having taking thyroid medication beforehand (if you were on it).


Dr says no action needed so I'm guessing she wants to up my meds, but we'll see!


This was meant to say when I usaly phone for results thr receptionist say no action needed.

So as she wants to talk to me she might up my levothyroxine.


Shaws - I noticed this on our surgery's website today, I don't think it's their fault really, but note there's now a need for a statement?

"Test Results

We will contact you if a test result is abnormal and requires further action. We do not allow our receptionsists to disclose results over the telephone.

If you wish to discuss the results of any tests please book an appointment or telephone consultation with the doctor."

to be fair they have given me a printout in the past - as we know we are entitled to OUR results!

J :D


I suppose quite a few people are now asking for results over the phone, therefore taking up phone time for the other patients plus the Receptionist's. I always go into the surgery and request a print-out and have no trouble.

Maybe if we tell the GP that we will request print-outs in future and collect they will do so.

Want to bet which patients are asking for print-outs? I never in the past before hypo did I request a copy.


At our GP practice we can see our test results online before even seeing the GP . We can arrange blood tests and appointments online. Hi tech but the walls have not been painted for years.


I think its reasonable not to allow receptionists to give out results over the phone - if I were a doc I don't think I would want to allow my non qualified receptionists to get involved in medical discussions. However, that does not mean that you cannot have a printout.

To be fair to the docs, I can see that they fear the disaster scenario where the patient sees results that clearly indicate something really serious before they have a chance to call you in and deal with you face to face. The easiest thing is a ban on receptionists giving out results except as a printout when requested. That way no-one unqualified has to make a judgement call.

Better than being told you have cancer in the corridor by a passing consultant, which happened to one person I know. This was in front of her daughter to whom it had not thus far occurred as a possibility! Said daughter promptly fainted, so that didn't save the doc any time after all!! Ooops!


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