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Lump post Rai for graves

I'm one year post rai for graves my most recent bloods are tsh 0.002 and t4 26 slightly over treated I know but I'm not tolerating a drop in dose so it's yo yoing. Currently I'm on 125 mcg Levo. Now my querie is a visable bump and two indentations on my neck, the lump is pea sizes and it been there for about three months, could this be where my thyroid has died ? Has anyone else had this happen ?

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Carly, RAI would normally shrink the the thyroid gland. It is possible that the gland can regrow without being functional but, unlikely within 12 months, I think. Lumps should always be investigated so ask your GP to examine it and, if necessary, refer you for an ultrasound scan.


Thank you Clutter, I will book into the GP and go see him :)


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