Any advice on Eco Balance for candida diet?

Has anybody taken the product Eco Balance for Candida/leaky gut? If so, how strict a candida diet do you need to be on? How long does it take to see a difference and are ther any side effects in the first week of taking it?

replies appreciated, maybe by private message if not allowed to discuss products here

Many thanks


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  • I posted a reply, but so far it seems to have disappeared. Let me know how to email you, please. I am on a diet for this condition, and I do have answers for you!


  • Ah, that one worked! To reiterate: I take ?Eco Balance together with other supplements, and have been on a pretty strictly sugar free, low carb eating program for about 4 months. Before that I tested over the normal range for gut candida. I am also in between 2 major hip surgeries. And I feel great - clear head, improved memory, weight loss, improved digestion. I hope this helps?

  • Thanks, that's really helpful. My history is diagnosed 14 years ago with m.e, but always convinced I'm hypothyroid, so now seeing Dr Peatfield as GP won't treat me as bloods are always within range. I'm now taking low dose hydrocortisone for adrenals and T3, but symptoms worse at the moment, so did the candida spit test which was positive for Candida. Dr P asked me to take Eco balance.

    I had leaky gut 10 years ago and got rid of it then with my then nutritionist.

    I bit the bullet 3 days ago and started the Eco Balance. I was a bit nervous about taking it as my husband is due to go into hospital for a big risky op on Thursday and I was a bit worried about die off and feeling worse, as he's going to be in hospital for about two weeks.

    I spoke to Dr P's secretary today and she said they have a lot of success with it, so feeling positive. I've also been off sugar, yeast etc for a week and so far so good, just need to feel better, fatigue, brain fog, muscles, etc.

    Really appreciate you replying

    Good luck with your surgery


  • Sorry to take so long to acknowledge yours! I have to walk on one leg using a walker, which slows me down a lot. And i don't much get to my computer since many movements hurt, but I'd like to add that I am convinced that as candida overgrowth symptoms mimic hypothyroid, if you have both conditions, you should address both. Don't be dusmayed. Time will pass anyway. Sugar wrecks health in so many ways, it is worth just saying No to it and to all the refined carbohydrates which convert to sugar and confuse our digestive systems.

    Btw there's nothing in Eco Balance to worry about. It is all giod stuff. You will only be taking that anyway for the period of time Dr. P recommends, as he monitors you. Sorry for typos. I am using my I Pad in bed and don't know how to get the cursor thing to go back to a particular wrong letter!

    Hope you are doing well. My second surgery, after which I should be able to get bsck to walking on two feet, is this week.


  • I wish you a speedy recovery on your second op.

  • I've been messaging Ransom, but I also received your message to her.


  • Started typing a message few minutes ago and it just disappeared so I'll start again(also on my iPad). Thanks for thinking of me especially as you've gotroblems.

    Been on ecobalance for 10 days now and no worse. Trying hard to keep to the diet. My husband had his aneurysm op on Thursday so it's been a stressful weekend, but he's now out of intensive care and had his first nights proper sleep last night.

    I hope your surgery goes well.


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