Is spit test reliable

Hi all was speaking to a friend and told her that my ears keep itching and my scalp was really sore she said it could be candida and to try spit test which i did yesterday and to-day and according to results got a bad case of candida i know this can have an effect on meds what i would like to know is can anyone tell me how reliable this test is please.

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  • What is a spit test?

  • Hi punkyb think Schenks has explained it in nutshell.

  • Presumably you mean where you spit into a glass of water and see if it leaves trails down into the water? Dr P advises to try that one.

  • thanks Schenks will see what Dr P advises have got his book.

  • I think it is pretty reliable, most practitioners use the spit test. Lots of people have candida to varying degrees, sounds like you have it too.

  • thanks Margo got to see what i can do about it now.

  • Yes, it is a reliable test.

  • thanks 1133

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