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It is quite some time since I have written a post on Health Unlocked, but I just felt I should let you know that this morning I had the great privilege of meeting Dr Chandy. He is probably one of the nicest human beings I have met. (and I can tell you I can be cynical with the best of them). He has the quality that is so rare these days, he is genuinely a “good man” and the sort of GP that everyone dreams and hopes for, but rarely ever gets.

I was invited to attend a coffee and chat morning in Horden (in the North East of England) at the charity he is involved in, and needless to say I jumped at the chance, but the icing on the cake was, to find out when I got there, that Dr Chandy was attending. The people who were there were the charities administrators, people who help out and who are all suffering with B12 deficiency, endocrinocrinology problems, Addison's Disease, Chronic Fatigue and problems that even the best doctors in the country cannot even diagnose – but again these people were lovely. Empathy was in abundance. At the end Dr Chandy took time out to speak to me about my daughter who has been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - at the minute she is more important than me, (I am having to self medicate because I am subtley B12 deficient, because GPs won't help), but what mother wouldn’t say that!).

Dr Chandy gently sat me down and explained about the problems surrounding calling it Chronic Fatigue. He asked what bloods had been taken (I didn’t know) so he told me to find out what tests had been done. He wrote down a complete list of what she should have. I asked was there anything we could do if the GP refuses (my GP has refused me blood tests) so he gave me I think this company’s information has been given on Health Unlocked before. He then wrote down his telephone number, by this time I was fighting back the tears, being so overwhelmed by this “gentleman’s” humanity.

I would suggest to anyone that feels their suffering is being ignored - aches, pains, terrible fatigue and generally in a terrible state, that the likes of Thyroxine is not addressing, to have a look at the website. It is run by genuine people who care, and at least with a bit of knowledge you can rule in or rule out symptoms.

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We sometimes forget that there are some really caring doctors out there. It was good of you to remind us of that. PR


Hi I have been told I have ME and I am fighting ( as much as you can with chronic fatigue) all the way to try and get some answers it is like hitting your head against a brick wall. My GP is all about ticking boxes and not focusing at all on me as a patient. How wonderful to meet such a gentleman . X


Dr Chandy sounds a lovely caring doctor and how kind of him to listen to you at the event. Wasn't he forced to stand down as a GP cos he helped too many people regain their health? The GMC have a lot to answer for.

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Hello Cinnamon girl

Dr Chandy is still in practice (at 74) astonishingly he only looks about 50! but I agree with you about the GMC - yes there has to be a body that protects the patient but are the right people at its helm?


Hi mistral, I think my brother has CFS but is finding it difficult to get anyone to take him seriously

Would you PM me the list of tests he suggested for your daughter? I'm currently trying to create one for myself via lots of research but would be great to have a list to focus that research



Hello Jacs

So sorry to hear about your brother, I know exactly what he is up against. They will not give him a dignosis for at least 6 months by this time most people that are working are well on there way to losing their job because they just can't function - it took the Probation Service a year before they sacked my daughter - unfortunately I believe it is all to do with money. Funnily enough I typed out the blood tests that my daughter should have last night (below). I am going to prepare a letter for her to sign to ask her GP what tests he carried out over 3 years ago, not sure that he will agree to do all of these, but after 3 years of no help at all from the NHS I will try anything, and if not I will have to resort to going down the private road - but a good Christmas present if we can discover why she is so ill. I really hope this helps.



2.TSH – T3 – T4






Thank goodness your brother has you.


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