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Recommendation for Private Specialist in UK

Hi all, GP still not wanting to do any more for me as my levels are in "normal" range. They are so secretive about levels etc. Have lost all confidence and would like to have a full set of bloods and to see a specialist privately. I have Hashimotos and a very strong family history of both Hashi's and Hypothyroidism.

Can anyone recommend a practitioner/specialist that I could go to in the first instance please? Have tried the naturopath route with some success. Have just started with hair loss again after a period where my hair was growing back nicely, just want some answers.



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Replies by Private Message to Tracy of recommendations. You can also email who has a list of Endocrinologists and doctors.

Tracy, doctors cannot refuse to let you have a copy of any blood test results. Ask the Receptionist for your latest ones. If she queries, say you want them for your own records. We are entitled to them. Make sure they have the ranges too and post for members to comment.


Thank you. She sent those over to me in a couple of hours after my email. I am going to have the full blood test recommended on this website, which includes all of the Thyroid tests and then select a specialist after that. I have given up on my GP for the time being, feeling the need to pay what it takes to get some answers.

This website and all of the comments and posts help you make a rational decision and bypassing my GP for the time being is mine currently.


The British Thyroid Association only endorse the use of levothyroxine as the 'perfect' medication. GPs are frightened to prescribe T3/NDT as some have been brought before the GMC for daring to try to help their patients and lost their licences.

In the USA the pharmaceutical companies are very strong and give financial endorsements to the doctors for using levothyroxine only which may include holidays for the whole family. So I think that is a corrupt practice. Also a number of weeks ago, the credit card companies changed their policies re people purchasing medication from abroad. I think this was the FDA that instigated this. Is it the 'pretence' they are looking after patients' welfare - but still insist that levo is for everyone. The British Thyroid Association make false statements about NDT in their guidelines.

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This is a book some members have found useful:!auth...


Tracy, as Shaws said, patients are entitled to their test results under the Data Protection Act. Contact your practice manager and request them. There should only be a nominal fee of £1/£2 to cover the cost of paper and printer ink.


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