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Hi all hoping you can help i have Hashimotos went to see endo in October 2013

TSH 0.02

FT4 19.7

Went back again in August 2014

TSH 0.06

Free Thyroxine Hormone levels 16.8

havent got any ranges only have letters everything else was checked kidney Function,liver function,and markers of inflammation Ferritin,Folate,Vitamin B12,Blood Count,ESR,Coeliac Screen,glandular Fever screen,ANA, and ANCA were all normal so he tells me to alternate between 75mcg of levo Monday -Saturday then take 50mcg on Sunday for six weeks then 75mcg Monday-Friday taking 50mcg on saturday and sunday for 6 weeks I feel absolutely awful i am now on my fourth lot of antibiotics and antibiotic ear spray so this weekend i went back up to 75mcg it seems to me that as soon as they start mucking about with the levo i start getting all these infections. I also had a Short Synacthen Test results over the phone from Endo Nurse

Base 275

after injection 444

then up to 572

also have found that my pulse is to fast xx

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Lifeback, it looks as if your endo thinks your TSH is too low and wants to raise it. Continue monitoring your pulse to see whether it improves or gets faster on the increased dose. Some antibiotics affect absorption of thyroxine, some increasing, some decreasing, so bear it in mind when your course ends.


Thanks clutter what should a good tsh level be.Didnt realise that about antibiotics will keep an eye on it when i have finished x


Lifeback, most people are comfortable with TSH just above or below 1.0 but some need it lower, or suppressed, to keep FT4 higher and to feel well.


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