3D Bioprinted Thyroid Gland by 2015

3D Bioprinted Thyroid Gland by 2015

Most of us have probably heard of or seen 3D printing, even if only on television. The rate of progress is phenomenal.

Many of us here are sceptical over the idea of replacing a thyroid in someone who has autoimmune thyroid disease of any type, and a large proportion of sufferers do indeed have an autoimmune disease. That scepticism probably continues through where people have had thyroid cancer. But the incredible advances are nonetheless very interesting and perhaps there are answers to the obvious questions?

3D Bioprinted Thyroid Gland by 2015, Kidney by 2018, Says Russian Scientists

Predictions as to when the first living, transplantable organs will be available has been the subject of much debate. However, according to a group of Russian scientists, the release of the first organs will be in 2015. The group has taken a little bit of a different approach since they will be starting with transplant-ready thyroid glands.


Obviously this story might have elements of marketing puff, but thought it sufficiently thought-provoking to post.


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  • Wow, amazing! Will be fascinating to hear about what happens. Thanks for posting. :)

  • Rod, it will be interesting to follow what happens, it still seems like science fiction. The Russians have done some intriguing science. The Russian Peptide Revolution comes to mind, although I haven't seen that talked about very much. PR

  • They certainly have - I always remember a BBC program about phage therapy - Wiki he says:



  • Rod, thanks for the link, I'd never heard of phage therapy. PR

  • Think this is possibly the program I remember - only watched a few seconds!

    There are quite a few others on YouTube.

  • Ooh, maybe they can print me a spanking new antibody resistant thyroid gland :-D

  • Perhaps Dr. McCoy's Star Trek brand of medicine is coming one step closer... :-D

  • we have a 3D printer at school, the DT teacher made it. What do you want making - a door handle or a (brand) spanking something - got to be plastic btw.

  • Only thing I would comment on is although it sounds great for someone like myself who has had their thyroid gland removed, it might mean having to take anti-rejection drugs for life.

  • Though if the replacement were made by growing cells from your own body, this might not be the case. After all, it is common now to talk about harvesting stem cells and then doing whatever is necessary to make them turn into the cells wanted. So they would contain the donor's DNA and I'd have expected that to avoid rejection. As I know little perhaps if anyone knows more they could add to this sub-thread?


  • I seem to have Bioprinted my own Thyroid Gland, since it has re-grown since having Sub-Total Thyroidectomy in 1978, although, unfortunately, it does not seem to be working yet! Would be interested to know if these Scientists manage to get a Bioprint one to work properly! On the up-side I have three Bioprinted teeth, which work well.

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