Russian scientists plans to present the world’s first artificial human kidney and thyroid gland by 2018

'3D Bioprinting Solutions, one of Russia’s leading biotechnological laboratories, has officially announced he design of the world’s first organ construct of thyroid gland, which took place with use of FABION, Russia’s first bioprinter.'

Interesting. Think I've read this before or maybe I dreamt it!


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  • Possibly I posted something - certainly something similar. But it is nonetheless interesting and bears repetition (if that is what it is!)

    My concern is that most people who might need a working thyroid might not be able to benefit from this approach. For example, if lymphocytes are attacking the thyroid, they surely would continue to attack a replacemnet thyroid, wouldn't they? Given that we regularly see something like 80% of UK and USA hypothyroidism is autoimmune...

    It is particularly interesting to consider its use in congenital hypothyroidism. For sufferers, it could offer a transformation compared to a life of imperfect replacement by tablets.

  • Helvella, very likely indeed you posted the original ;-)

    Yes, I think about the potential usage given my thyroid removal, Graves'/Hashi's. For me, the work being done to 'turn off' antibodies might come in to play first. Having said that, I find myself thinking that if I were offered a new thyroid I might snap their hand off!

  • The problem with this will be once again producing a "one size fits all" solution, when we now know the relationship between the working thyroid and the non thyroidal tissues is unique to each individual as to the production of T4 and T3 from each source. Unless the gland can be tailored easily to the individual's needs, I can't see this being the breakthrough that the hype suggests. One design of an artificial thyroid gland can't solve everyone's problems. It might help a few who happen to have the right characteristics but not the majority.

  • I whole heartily agree, with the idea that one thyroid may not be suitable for all and if even if did, for how long before it stopping working properly. Having said that this week there have been two children both with new hand transplants and although a completely different proposition, who'd of thought?

    Living in the present, the sad fact is that many would try a new thyroid to escape their current under/badly treated thyroid issues.

  • Interesting ,thanks for posting.

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