please see today's [ sat 8/11 ] centre pages of the daily mirror ......... mick hucknall of ' simply red -- the pop group -- actually states all of the various symptoms that he encountered through hypothyroidism AND the effects and misdiagnosis and how it effected him .......he went down his own way which may not work for all ---- but there were an aufall lot of facts that WE know all to well least someone has had the grace to state some of the facts about this in a national paper that many others may well be able to relate to ........alan

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  • I read the article but it all fell apart for me when he said he had almost recovered with no medication.

  • if you read between the lines .... what it says is HE has partialy /semi- recovered .... by what he has done [ never forgetting that he has the wherewithal to fund it ] but he does not recommend ........ he is just highlighting the effects that can and do happen with this problem ------ the main one being MIS-DIAGNOSIS ----- which then causes even more problems and effects that will follow on if the ' recommended treatment ' from the 'sic ' endo is NOT the best for each of us .... i.e. depression / anxiety / weight gain[ loss] / and all of the myriad that ensues many people have been sectioned because of this ???? ------ this is a symptom !!!!! .......sorry for my little rant ..........alan xxx

  • My view is that he is still not as well as he could be and his apparent attitude towards thyroid hormone being a DRUG is sadly inappropriate. We are all too well aware of issues with levothyroxine monotherapy, but there are a lot of people who would be extremely ill without anything. And I class it (levothyroxine, liothyronine, desiccated thyroid or any combination) as a direct replacement for the thyroid hormone no longer being produced in adequate quantities.

    Funny how people rarely seem to call "insulin" a drug, isn't it?


  • exactly rod, but this is the first time that I have seen in print so many of the other effects of the condition , including phsocosis , being diagnosed because of it ............ and yes I totally agree that the other side MUST be put forward , being that lifestyle changes can only be a part AND NOT an alternative to medication ..... I just wonder what he would do if he were to have a total thyroidectomy ??? ...... but on a positive note the more that is highlighted about this can only be for the good .......just my overview .....alan xx

  • Link to story:

    List of other "famous" people who have or had thyroid disorders:

    If you have any definite names to add to this list, please send me a private message with the name, the disorder and a link to verify it. Thanks.


  • Silly attitude to thyroid hormone replacement. I think he'll need some eventually though.

    Just hope that non-celeb hypothyroids don't take it into their heads that dietary and lifestyle changes are all that's needed to turn things around to manage their health while they're dealing with their 9-5 work and family lives and stuggle to get a 10 minute GP appointment or endo referral instead of having private doctors, therapists and trainers on call.

  • exactly clutter , but as I have replied to hellvella , its good to see so many of the other problems that we all know and are usually dismissed by the ' specialists' , i.e. depression etc. to be at the front as well as the weight gain .... how many are told by all and sundry ' you could lose weight if you really want to ' ---- including family ....without them actually knowing what the real problem is --- and making the problem even worse ????

  • I hope he didnt just bring this to the limelight because he is reforming Simply Red and going on tour?

  • that maybe so , but all publicity with the right information can only be better for all of us .....alan xxx

  • Unfortunately, what Mick Hucknall is promulgating as 'his cure' is nothing of the sort and just serves to give credence to Antony Weetman and his somatoform claims...

  • They have announced that they are reforming, though he does look a lot better than he has in ages.

  • all things that can highlight this problem can only be for the good --- my view --- .....alan xxx

  • Agree with you Alan. I am sure there are many undiagnosed sufferers out there. If they were diagnosed in sure more medics would have to take notice and learn more about it themselves which can only be good. I can sense the retort of would they be learning the correct management, may be not but then more failures and more learning from others like many of us have had to do is again spreading the word and that has to be positive. Rome wasn't built in a day but knowledge is power and we have to start somewhere.

  • that's exactly 1 of my points ....when my lady was first diagnosed with hyper I knew less than zilch about the whole thing , let alone the treatment , but as you say the more it hits the public eye the better ..... and maybe -- just maybe --- the treatments and specialists will improve ...... it may take us a few more days though .......alan xx

  • the article doesn't seem to have made it to the web: only this from a year ago -

  • It's there, humphrey - I read it yesterday :


    Edit : I've just re-read it and noticed he is only 54. I assumed he must be much older than that. He looks ancient!

  • Ah - silly me was looking under 'Mail'.

    Thank you, Humanbean!

    Very interesting. Great that a high profile person has 'come out' about thryoidism. And several times he says 'get diagnosed'. Good.

    I can quite see why Simply Red had to go when he was poorly. And fantastic that he now has the energy to reform it. All my AmDram, most of my singing and around half of my evenings out have had to go. I didn't see my garden for 5 years and I am down with Quentin Crisp about the housework. So Mick is doing a great deal better than I am! And I am functioning much much better than I was.

  • Sounds like he is just on the beginning of a road.......Hope he does some follow up's down the road. Susita

  • I like any publicity being given to thyroid illnesses, but wish that the article didn't make it sound as though hypothyroidism can be "cured" so easily. I already struggle with some family members who don't see the debilitating effect Hashimoto's has on my life, and seem to think that it is all a bit psychosomatic.

    Mick Hucknall seemed to have a host of health issues with his illness, but he is really isn't going to be "cured" by giving up cauliflower etc. I am currently having to see a lot of "ologists" and am undergoing some pretty intensive and unpleasant tests to help me with the health issues I struggle with - the idea that I wouldn't need any of this by giving up levothyroxine and looking after myself better is a bit of a slap in the face.

    I am still pleased that this issue has been highlighted in the press, but would love a few more facts to be given about it.

  • "But it’s not something that is talked about very much. - here's your chance Mr Hucknell!

    I seem to remember us holding (this conversation) back (2) years -

    A Hormone isn't a drug - but coke is!

    Vineyard? - B12 deficient then.... but no-ones perfect!

    Old news, move along....

  • No Spare, it's new news because he 'refused to go into detail' last time, whereas this time he's 'spoken for the first time about his battle'.

    Really, the things people do in order to gain publicity... he should rename his band to 'Simply Hypo' ;)

  • Simply lying may be more apt!

  • funnily enough - in this strange small world - he used to be pals with my daughter's piano teacher who sadly died of 'dropsy' aka congestive heart disease at 39 (a genius but vegetarian).

  • hi red, at least this may get some talking and thinking ...... I too hope that he follows up on this article [ and have already sent a missive on his f/b ] to explain his thought process -- always remembering that some = but not all = may find his journey helpful. while never forgetting that he has the wherewithal to go down ANY path and many others don't . it may well inform some that poo-poo thyroid problems and inform THEM about it ......alan xxx

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