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Any health experts, Doctors etc please help

Today's news (don't get excited until facts come out) indicates that Government and DWP may scrap re-assessments for 'chronic conditions'.

Please can as many as available, communicate with Government and DWP Ministers to get Hashimotos, Auto Immune Diseases etc on this list they intend to compile.

This is important because you know they don't class these conditions as serious, they may say cured by meds. but they must presume untreated, which makes it life threatening, incurable.

Obviously where people feel well enough to work, they are doing that, but for those of us that are very disabled by it, we need help please.

Thank you in great anticipation.

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For anybody concerned about this issue I suggest that you check out this site. It is very useful. Jane x


Thank you


MS and Parkinsons was mentioned on radio.I cannot see thyroid being included.

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Nor can I but in my case it is very disabling and likely misdiagnosed twenty odd years back so a lot of damage could have occurred.

Can we ALL just TRY though, if enough numbers maybe they will add it.


"If someone has a disease which can only get worse then it doesn’t make sense to ask them to turn up for repeated appointments."

Probably wouldn't apply to people with thyroid conditions, unfortunately, as they'd say treatment options work for many people.

However very glad they are stopping the ridiculous re-assessments for chronically ill people that must have been extremely stressful.


They need to take the 'incurable' and life threatening into account as worse case, I am sure that is in back of their old rules, maybe case by case, but please TRY everyone, we wont get anywhere by not trying.

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Yes great news.

My friends daughter has Down's syndrome and has to have a sick note and be assessed. That is plain daft!!


Tory Gov has been the worst in history think, so cruel. There will be catches with this, we know. Hope they are included in exemption.

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According to the Forum guidelines :

This is a patient to patient forum and no one, including the Admin Team, on this community should be assumed to have medical training of any sort.

Source :

I'm sure there must be doctors who read these forums and there may be some who post for all I know. But anyone claiming to be a doctor publicly on here would be highly suspect in my opinion.


To clarify why I posted in this fashion, it is an URGE for EVERYONE to make contact with any health professionals they think can help, OFF SITE, I should have said, but was very tired.

However there are some professionals on site and yes, these public articles are found on the general internet.

I am trying everything I can to make things go the right way, against the odds, I can't do it alone and as proven with the government, they have had plenty of people try to fight them in the past and they ignored.

HOWEVER if people DON'T BOTHER TRYING (anyone and everyone), then Gov / DWP will go with whatever SHALLOW VIEW they come out with.

As said, if people can go with WORST CASE SCENARIOS instead of going with the faux 'CURED BY MEDS' it would help those that are NOT FIT TO WORK yet have been FORCED or WILL BE IN FUTURE.

Hope that helps!


I'm not expecting them to include hypothyroidism sufferers on their list since it's not taken seriously by most doctors so why would DWP take it seriously? To quote my GP, "There's no reason why Levothyroxine shouldn't work."


Likewise and we can't all be wrong, those of us that can't take it.

No I am not expecting them to but I will muster up as much energy as can to fight it from my corner, just want as many as possible to get experts on it....that is the least they could do for us. :)


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