Statin use and thyroid cancer: a population-based case–control study

Statin use and thyroid cancer: a population-based case–control study

I'll keep it brief:


We concluded that statin use was associated with thyroid cancer in female patients.

Abstract of paper here:

A possibly more readable write-up of that paper is here:


"Thyroid papillary carcinoma histopathology (3)". Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -


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4 Replies

  • Whoops! That seems a pretty good reason for not taking them..... Not that my doctor has even dared to suggest them. :-).

  • Interesting, thanks Rod. Wonder whether statins would increase the risk of recurrence post thyroidectomy. Not taking them anyway.

  • I can't believe the number of times I actually heard medics (of some sort) witter on about how statins were so safe they could add them to the water supply...

    (I'll also note how many doctors said that of course they were wonderful and they'd prescribe them for their patients, but somehow didn't feel quite so confident about taking statins themselves. Some marks for honesty...)


  • Rod, I've read in Pulse, GP Online etc. that up to 60% of GPs will NOT prescribe statins. Hence all the strongarm tactics from NHS England. Worse, some of those who are prescribing aren't convinced they are good for their patients.

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