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Iron defiency

Hi all I have under active thyriod and also pcos I have 100mcg of levo a day and my doc started me on metformin for pcos which I only took for a month as it made me feel rotten. I now have an iron defiency and also borderline vitamin d issue. Could metformin be too blame? Just for info sake I'm vegetarian have been for 8 years and all other iron tests were normal even during pregnancy there were at great levels and after as at first doc thought I was anaemic but it was my thyroid. So I'm really confused I've been rubbish lately with vits but that's not unusual for me but I eat iron rich food daily. Advice anyone and I don't have exact blood numbers

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Nettieboo, hypothyroidism, particularly Hashimoto's, impairs absorption of nutrients and vitamin and mineral deficiencies occur even when eating a healthy diet. It's no good having the supplements sitting there, you need to take them regularly and, sometimes forever, to improve levels.


Hi clutter thanks for reply can you tell me if there is a good multivitamin you know of that I can take?


Check your leaflet on Metformin or Google side efffects. I think it flushes glucose and while it can help you lose weight it does have side effects.

You probably need higher doses than a multivitamin can give you. You need extra B vitamins and magnesium and more than likely lots of vitamin D. These deficiencies will make you feel less than healthy and vitamin d helps prevent infection, helps your balance and defends against cancer.


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