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T3 - prescribed by my GP!!!!


Just went online to place a repeat prescription request for levo and found my GP has added T3 to my repeat prescription!!! I can't believe it - over the moon :) He has put me down for 5mcg tablets and in the instructions it says four to be taken a day :) :) :)

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Lucky you! Wish he was my GP and hope T3 helps you.

Thanks :) I've been self medicating for about four months and have noticed an astounding difference. When I told my GP about self-medicating he was supportive, but seemed clueless about T3 and said he got an alert on the system when he looked it up, so said 'it must be very expensive then'. But little did I know he overrode the alert and has added it to my repeat prescription. He's the senior partner at the surgery so it's refreshing he's overridden the cost and has prescribed it. It's not going to save me a lot as I've been getting it for about £25 and that bottle lasts a few months. But I think I'm one of a very small minority at the surgery getting it on prescription, if not the only one!

May I ask you where you were getting it from before? £25 for a few months sounds worth a shot if it makes you feel better!

Have pm'd you with details Katacharin

PT, that's great. Amazed that you've got 4 x 5mcg T3. Let us know what make when you get it dispensed. Can't be UK Liothyronine as that only comes in 20mcg when it's available.

I did upload the screen shot of my prescription confirmation but can't see it here. It says Liothyrinine.

God knows how it'll look then clutter - I should probably expect an issue at the chemist....

PT, I think 5mcg Liothyronine will probably be Paddocks which is imported from the USA so you may have to wait a day or two for your prescription to be filled. There is a list of wholesale importers of specialist medicines in the link below which your pharmacist can use if there is any difficulty. thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/treatm...

Thanks for this clutter. Sorry if this sounds clueless, but if it's coming from the U.S. does that mean the cost is lower than UK T3 (hence why he might have prescribed me that)? x

PT, I don't know about the cost of Paddock, if that's what is prescribed, but I would think it's more to do with the fact it is available in 5mcg doses.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Partiallythere

This type of special import is always expensive.

In July 2014, 2054 tablets of 5mcg Cytomel were prescribed, at a cost of about £4.10 per tablet. I couldn't see any other make of 5mcg tablets. 5mcg capsules (specials made to order) were only £2.30 each.

Feel free to double-check (information here: nhsbsa.nhs.uk/PrescriptionS... ) and tell me if I am wrong. It is quite easy to misinterpret.



T3 seems to be in very short supply at present (some chemists have none at all). I hope you are lucky.

Partiallythere in reply to shaws

Thanks shaws. I have about a month's worth and my repeat online prescription is being sent this week from Mexico. x

shawsAdministrator in reply to Partiallythere

It's always good to have a back up.

PT, great news, hope it works well for you. Just a wry general comment to all; Isn't it sad GP didn't see fit to contact PT to advise they Had prescribed it after all?

I do think it's odd TigerTea (love the name bth) but I've given up making sense of GPs!

So pleased for you, my new GP has given me T3 and its amazing how much better I feel, I have stopped my T4 altogether as it doesn't do me any good. any thoughts on this please? Is it Ok to just take T3 without the T4?

Maui I think that'll be the next natural step for me - I agree, it's brilliant stuff - has completely changed me and I'm almost back to being me again x

I am pleased for you I have never had my t3 checked on my last blood test doctor said she would do it I was so happy when I rang for the results she said because my tsh where normal it wasn't necessary I was not happy

Yep the lab won't do anymore than tsh unless tsh is low. So frustrating. Might be worth getting them done privately. Normal is not optimal....

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