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Feeling really spaced out - is this common


I am still underdosed for hypothyroidism and am dealing with adrenal issues. Some days I feel really spaced out, like I have been drugged, a feeling like a pre-med. ( Other days I feel hyper and utter breathless - thank God I'm talking to Dr P tomorrow)

Is this common and is it hypothyroid or is it adrenal? Or have you got experience of this really spaced out feeling??


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It's not much help, but when I trialled 25mcg of Levothyroxine I felt very spaced out. I was peering at my hand while I ate like it wasn't attached to me and eating took so long because I felt as you say drugged like with a pre-med. There are probably illegal drugs that do a similar thing, but having never been one to try them I wouldn't know!

My endo said I may have issues converting T4 Levo to T3 and it may be down to Iron deficiencies. Although I told both my GP and my endo about the spaced out/drugged feeling and my GP said it wasn't possible!

I'm waiting on my bloodwork to come back on deficiencies but I am aiming to trial T3 of some sort.

Sorry, I couldn't be of more help!


Thanks for the reply donna. I have to say that sorting this whole endocrine system thing is an utter nightmare - and we have endocrinologists who do not join up the dots....

thanks again


Hi Giagal,

It is interesting I posted with the same question. How much of what are you taking and for how long? I found out it was the Cytomel (t3) that had been added to my regiment that was making me feel this way. I ended up going back to just the NDT and raising the dosage since I tolerated that. I am also getting adrenal support. I hope you find some answers with Dr. P.


Hi asmile4u

Hmm very interesting. It is not every day i get this. I think it depends on my adrenal situation on any given day and I am having a bad adrenal day today so not having the spaced out thing. But yesterday I felt better re adrenals and not having pounding heart and breathlessness.

I have been on a small dose of T3 for months of only 25mcg as I feel I cannot tolerate any more. Dr P think I am actually suffering from stress which is causing my breathlessness, but I cannot get an accurate spit test due to really bad insomnia, so personally I feel I do have low cortisol. He has suggested I continue with some adrenal cortex and stay on T3, but I feel that T3 is not suitable for me as I have never done well on it.

I may go back to NDT as prey I can convert the T4 to T3 OK.

But interesting that the T3 makes you feel the whole spaced out thing. Horrid feeling - like not being here, but stuck in a bubble.


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