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New Endo but good consultation

I had my visit with my Endo yesterday but after building up a good rapport with her was told she had left. This is so sad as was at ease with her and she was the one who trialled me on the T3. However the male doctor that I saw was very good also. He has no problem with the T3. I told him my dosage T4 50mcgs and T3 30mcgs. I said that I was not feeling good and felt the dosage was too low. He checked my August results and agreed. The Free T4 was too low and has upped my Levo back upto 75mcgs (never been on 50mcgs). He has tweaked the T3 down to 20mcgs (I think I will keep it the same though), as was at the lower end. He said to crush the tablets and to take on awakening on a empty stomach and to split the T3 three times a day with 6 to 8 hours in between. Also saw my ferritin was not optimimized was 88 and said should be at least 100 or over, and has prescribed me Iron. I told him that my hair was falling out and that that could be the cause of it. Also asked if I snored and I said I think I do, and wake my self up. He is sending me for a sleep apnea test. Does anyone know about this?

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I had a sleep apnoea test. It involved having a monitor strapped to me - I think it was a strap round the chest and one round the waist and a tube under the nose. I was sent home with it. You just switch it on when you go to bed and it records your movement and breathing. It sounds awkward but I slept ok and it proved I didn't have sleep apnoea!


Sleep apnoea is often caused by the thyroid being very slightly enlarged and pressing on the windpipe. As you are relaxed in sleep so the back of the throat relaxes and exacerbates the problem. Also being Hypo can cause muscles to be weak :-( Am glad you have decided not to reduce the T3. Are you splitting the dose ? It can help with the peaks and troughs. Am wondering how you could have split 20mcg into 3 as suggested by your Endo :-)

Have you read the website/book of Paul Robinson ?


Hello Marz the endo got me to do a questionnaire with regard to sleep apnoea via my doctor and I apparently passed. I hear myself snoring and wake myself up, also like a late echo after I breath (if that makes sense), I have started Nutri throid 4 days ago, sick of the mercury pharma weak T3 and as for the T4 Levo don't go there. Took things into my own hands after 20 years of suffering. Having a scan (second) done on the 18 March.


...lets hope it works well for you. Maybe T3 from another source may help ???


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