Swollen finger

Hi, this may sound a little strange but for some reason the ring finger on my right hand has become puffy, sore, red and there are white bumps on it. This is only at its tip and the skin around there can also peel at times. Just wondering if it's a Hashimotos/thyroid thing? I've tried applying almond and shea butter to it, as well as E45 and Nivea but they don't seem to help. Could it be that I need to use a completely organic/natural cream instead and that the things I've been using contain ingredients that my skin doesn't like. Thanks :)

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Hi, I had problems like this, itchy fingers white bumps, nail infection, nearly lost a nail. (Undiagnosed hypo at time). Never had this problem before. Are the bumps itchy and are they pitted? it could be molloscum contagiosum - (children can get it on their bodies). Some people just on the fingers, there can be tiny black dot too, but may feel sore like a wart. It is a stress and run down immune thing. I tried hydrocortisone cream and it works. Not usually prescribed for it but the nurse said if it works use a bit. It comes and goes with stress. Hope this has helped - but it may not be that.

Ps : if it is molloscum you wont loose a nail - that was another issue! Just to be clear, and the doctor wasnt concerned at all about the molloscum.

Hi there, thanks for reply. Yes, the bumps are what's red and they're pitted. Sounds very much like molloscum contagiosum - I remember that when I had it the first time it was when I touched something made of rubber and I presumed it was an allergy but when it happened again I didn't touch anything with rubber and then I didn't know if it was an allergy or not.

Hi, yes GP told me its a run-down thing, I am sure that its to do with being hypo and undertreated and the immune system not functioning. I was worried it was warts etc etc. Its annoying , but I really noticed it can appear with high level stress too. I think you can get odd things like this with thyroid stuff.

Try the hydrocortisone (I used fucibet which my son uses for eczema). Otherwise they go.

You can get it on your toes too!

Hope this helps.

Thanks. I haven't had it on my toes (yet, fingers crossed that I don't). If the hydrocortisone is something I can get without a prescription then yes, I'd be happy to try it. :)

try cannestan - think thats got cortisone, but they will go away - i'm not sure if you need prescription for low dose. Otherwise they just go on their own eventually after itching like hell and leaving craters!! :-)

I've just seen that on Amazon and I think Boots stock it. I always thought Cannestan was for vaginal thrush. I've learned something new today. :) Thanks.

Yes, I've got crohns disease, corner of my mouth sometimes cracks and the Cannestan clears it up. Think there's some with hydrocortisone in - Boots or any chemist. Or ignore the blighters! Sometimes they are like mosquito bites when bad! :-)


I went to the chemist and the person who served me over the counter asked to take a look at my finger. She says it is dyshidrosis and is usually caused by an allergy. I don't know what I'm allergic to except nickel but I think an allergy test might be a good idea to ask my GP to order. Apparently it's a type 4 hypersensitivity and Hashimoto's is a type 4 hypersensitivity so perhaps the two are linked in some way.

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