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Advice please before visits to gp on Tuesday

After having the dubious pleasure of having gastroscopy and colonoscopy on the same day two weeks ago (hope they used different cameras lol), I had a call from the surgery to say I had severe gastritis and doc wanted to see me to put me on a ppi.

I have read posts on here that suggest giving these to people with Hypo is not good.

I have had no symptoms whatsoever, well not until they took biopsies.

Any ammunition to say to doc will be welcome, as I really do not want to take yet another medication.

Cheers Mary

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If you don't have symptoms, why did they do a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy? They must have had some reason for doing them, or am I being dim and missing something?

Sorry, can't comment on ppis as I don't take them.


They finally gave me vitamin tests (thanks to HU) because I was so unwell.

My vits were almost completely depleted and so they sent me to Gastroenterologist to find out if it's a gut problem.

Thanks for your reply



Ok - I see. You need to find someone who can work with you to find out why you have gastritis and absorption issues. I can't recommend anyone. Maybe try the ppis, as clutter says below in case your issues are due to excess acid. The problem is - if you have few symptoms how would you know if they are working?


My thoughts entirely rosetrees.

Will have to see what he has to say.

Thank you for your reply



Mary, the reason PPIs aren't recommended for hypothyroid patients is that PPIs inhibit production of stomach acid and most hypo patients have low stomach acid. If your gastritis has been caused by excessive stomach acid then short term use of a PPI may be appropriate as reducing excessive acid will reduce damage.


Thanks Clutter.

I have been Hypo for two years, but among all my other problems I have never had gastric problems.

I suppose you have to start somewhere :·(



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