What does free T3 4.4 mean? (I range sorry)

Hi all, have just heard via receptionist that my free T3 is 4.4 - no moe detail. They failed to test for Hashi antobodies which is really frustrating. My TSH is 2.7 (0.2-4.5), Free T4 12 (9-21), total T3 1.9 (0.9-2.4) Free T3 4.4 (??)

No TRAB antibodies, no RT3. Low B12 which I'm investigating for PA (my gran had it apparently). Also going to look at adrenal stress profile.

I'm just confused by the FT3, as I had expected it to be low.

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According to thyroid uk the approximate range for free t3 is 4-8.3

Thank you!! That helps. Low FT3, low FT4, all fits w (sub clinical LOL) hypo. The jigsaw pieces are coming together x

Yup! My tsh and f4 are fairly similar to yours but my gp won't do further tests. Are you private? How did you get them to do free t3 and total t3?

No, I'm lucky that I have 1 GP that listens, tho he didn't think there was anything wrong with any of my results!! Now I'm getting nowhere w them i'm going private, husband has insurance thank goodness.

I took along the symptom list from thyroid UK & just told him that I knew TSH wasn't enough to diagnose hypo so pretty please test FT4 & FT3. First time the lab only did total T3, this time when they were supposed to check TPO/Ab antibodies they did FT3. Wouldn't it be great to just get them all done at once?!

It would! As I've moaned about elsewhere in this forum, I can't get a full panel of thyroid tests done despite my symptoms and tsh (high range of normal) and t4 (low range of normal) results, but I have had an ESG and a referral to a dermatologist despite my doctor saying he thought neither would be any help! Why send me to these pointless things addressing each symptom one by one instead of looking at it all as a whole?


That should say ECG.

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