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Evidence for iron infusion

I wonder if someone can send me some links to articles establishing that a ferritin level of at least 70+ and preferably 90+ is indicated for hypothyroid patients.

As briefly as I can, my ferritin level was 13 last December. I had an iron infusion in February. The level went up to 97 in April and I felt heaps better in all departments. It had fallen to 56 in July and I felt worse in all departments, and continue to do so. All those tests were done at the Brompton in London. Unfortunately, my local hospital measured my level at 78 a couple of weeks ago. This is clearly nonsense - it won't have gone up - so we're not comparing apples with apples. But with a reference range of 15-150 my local consultant can't authorise another infusion. Aaarrrrgggh.

Oh, and I can't take oral iron because any form bungs me up like concrete!

So I'm wondering if there are some reputable references I can bombard her with to persuade her and the hospital to change their minds. (To be fair, I think my consultant would be more than happy, it's rules that are getting in the way.)

Many thanks.

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Ferritin is not the same as iron serum, which is what they should be looking at.

I also got a one off infusion and my levels have dropped again. Of course NHS claims i dont need another.

The same NHS that had me walking around with a ferritin of 8 previously, until i keeled over in the street and needed 3 blood infusions in A and E

The cynic in me wants to tell you to save your energy and just get some iron injections. You can find them if you know where to look.


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