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Low white blood cells?

Hi everyone, I hope that everyone is reasonably well today and that you have a lovely weekend. I just wanted to ask if anyone on here has low white blood cells? The GP wants to retest in a month, is this normal with autoimmune problems? I have Hashimoto's, Raynauds,Fibromyalgia,Arthritis & High BP (medicated) . I have also been gluten free for 8 months as it makes my stomach & colon issues soo much better.

Thankyou in advance for any response.

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I think I must have a low count of white blood cells as well. I have only half a thyroid gland & have struggled for 8 years in this way with no thyroid meds. ( No one will prescribe me any, as my blood tests are not way out) I've now got a severe bladder infection which isn't clearing after 4 courses of antibiotics & my GP was surprised as there were NO white blood cells in my urine sample, but there were plenty of bacteria. So it must be possible to have a low count of white cells with your condition.

Good luck with the retest x


Thankyou I hope you feel better soon.


I have low white blood cells, my GP said was anaemia, I now take folate, B12 and ferritin.


Yes it is "normal" with auto immune diseases. NHS not interested but private GP told me it is all the pressure we are under with multiple auto immune diseases (I have 3). He said it may improve with optimal management of all conditions. I have had it ever since i can remember - when i first raised it with the NHS i was shouted down by an arrogant pig of a GP who said "it's normal in africans!". Well i am blonde causasian.......................


Hi Castlepoint,

I too have Hashimoto's and have been seeing a haematologist on a regular basis for the last 18 months or so because of a persistent low white blood cell count. I have seen the letters that he has written back to my GP and the diagnosis is neutropenia and leukopenia. I have looked neutropenia up and, like Bluedaffodil, have seen that it can be autoimmune. We don't know if that definitely is the case for me, but I suspect that it is. I too posted a similar question a few months ago and got quite a few responses. Here is the link, you may find it useful to see what various people said.

You can have neutropenia and not really notice. I tend to pick up everything going and seem to take longer to get over it. I hate the winter!

Do you think you notice any symptoms?


I was told my blood count was borderline and that my red blood cells were slightly lighter than they should be anyone know what this could be?


Interesting thread - I've had a

low white blood cell count for a few years now but this was dismissed by my gp (now retired) When I asked my new gp what the reason could be, she asked if I'd ever had any 'needle injuries' and mentioned HIV and hepatitis!! My B12 is within the 'normal' range but at the lower end and folate is low too. I think I'll

ask for a referral to a haematologist. I can't face another winter of catching a bug that lasts for weeks and weeks :-(

Thanks for all the info lovely people!


I noticed mine was very low, asked GP and got the usual dumb look so pushed for appointment with consultant. Don't remember any of the appointment due to being so hypo but the letter just said it was nothing.

Blood tests since have shown levels to be consistently low and it's not been picked up by GP or Endo.


Hi there, this is really interesting. I have low white blood cell count and neutrophil count. I have hypothyroidism and hyperparathyroidism. I also have osteopenia due to hyperparathyroidism. White blood cell counts are often low in auto immune diseases hence why a cold will knock me back for weeks. Most of the time I feel grim. Sorry everyone is suffering so badly :( Rachel xxxx


So sorry to hear that you are feeling bad - I hope you feel better soon. Thankyou for the response, going to see Endo next week & will see what she says about it.

Best wishes Castlepoint


I have a low white blood cell count and have had for years - which I believe dates back to when I started taking thyroid medication not when I became hypothyroid.


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