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under active thyroid

hi everyone I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid 2 years ago found out I had this after a miscarriage :-( I'm now on thyroxine n been trying again for 2 years n I've recently found out I'm 8 weeks pregnant I'm going to see a thyroid specialist today but am so worried does anyone no much about taking this n pregnancy I don't went to go through a loss again

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Congratulations, Emma :)

There's absolutely no problem taking Levothyroxine during pregnancy. It's often increased by 25mcg-50mcg during the first trimester to ensure TSH is in the low normal range 0.4-2.00 which is best for baby and mother. You may need monthly blood tests for the early part of your pregnancy to check levels are right. I hope the thyroid specialist reassures you.

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Congratulations Emma,

You will need to be referred to a midwife asap and ensure she knows about your Hypothyroidism, you should be under a specialist obstetric consultant with knowledge of endocrine issues, normally teamed with an endocrinologist.

Hope all went well today


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