Seriously need help in how to become an advocate in Ireland

I'm on Armour. You all may be interested to know that Actavis have doubled the cost of Armour here in Ireland. I have had to apply to the medical hardship scheme to continue to get it on their version of the NHS. The Doctor on the Hardship scheme (not my GP) has allowed it for 3 months only because they don't understand why Im not on Eltroxin. Im now watching the News and it is Arthiritis week. A lady on the News has Rheumatoid Arthiritis AND Fibromyalgia. Thyroid conditions are not on the long term sickness scheme. This is all completely ridiculous. How do we get more awareness going?????

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  • The cynic in me says save your energy and buy Armour online

  • She could do both. But I've no idea how you get to be an advocate anywhere.

    Bexy, I commend your altruism. Why don't you write to May Shomon? She's very approachable. I have had exchanges with her myself. I'm sure she'd be glad to help you.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Hi Greygoose, How are you? I think I will. Maybe she will have some ideas. I can't bare the idiocy here!

  • I understand. And if you have the energy to do such a thing, that is wonderful. I'm sure Mary will be able to help. After all, she is an advocate herself!

  • The cynic in me says that Actavis buying out the company that makes Armour is only going to end badly for the end user.

  • The price of Armour has rocketed in the USA - I don't think it is a Irish phenomenon. Although it has long been more expensive than Nature-Throid, last time I looked (a few days ago), Armour was almost twice the price at one USA supplier. At some other suppliers Armour is over twice the price but I cannot quote numbers.

    Originally it was put down to disease among pigs in north America, I am not convinced. But what the true story is might takes years to come out, if ever it does.


  • Well, we know the true story, don't we. Big Pharma doesn't want us to get Armour and improve our symptoms!

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