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Robot endo's are clearly not the answer

After waiting 3 months to see an endo,hence 3rd one and different hospital, that I had picked for my daughter on the nhs was a complete waste of time. Even though you can maintain thyroid function with a reasonable dose of thyroxine for Hashis, but still have symptoms of fatigue and general unwellness and poor immune system. They WONT AND DONT look at the immune system that is causing some of this.The outcome today was will do a cortisol test and t4 and tsh in 6 weeks time and nothing can be done about the fatigue as it is a grey area as to what causes it . Just cope with it the best you can, was the response.

6 weeks ago sent away to biotechics which work through testing through DNA, the result working through biochemistry is very different to blood tests, it clearly showed post viral present and immune system compromised, along with lack of certain vitiamins lacking and what to take to improve the system to build it up. I showed this to the consultant , went quiet for a bit then said yes I suppose it helps , can't do any harm , but nothing about the post viral mentioned . So basically best to self medication for the thyroid as that seems to be working and try alternative methods for the rest. They seriously don't seem to care how much a person suffers or if they have to work or how they even get through a day with this disease , a month or 2 or a lifetime of just struggling day by day just to function and want to feel normal. The best part was TAKE EXERCISE every day, well thats great if you actually can have the energy to get about. what planet are they seriously on.

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Very true - I had the same problem with endos and am treating myself. Am interested in biotechics. Are the in the UK? What ate their details please? I am sure my adrenals are weak and my immune system is down but saliva test says I am borderline ok but still feel rubbish on NDT.


I understand how you feel as do a lot on this site. My problems have all been diagnosed privately as gp is rubbish. My immune being compromised results in me having herpes simplex virus over my cheeks that gets infected. I have to take antivirals 3 times a day and antibiotics. Another private doctor.


It is so wrong that I see so many people on this site with this condition that have to suffer , when it can be sorted to a certain degree to help someone with the correct help. It is ironic that herpes simplex can be caught just by kissing someone or contact , but flares up alot , Isn't it related to the chicken pox virus? lays dormant then hits you with flare ups


Teeth grinding in sympathy here.

In the interests of informing more people than just thyroid patients how badly thyroid patients are treated, why not copy and paste what you've got above onto the Patient Opinion website? I don't think you've got any sensitive information in there, have you?

URL here:

I long ago got the message from my GP that I was too old to be worth treating (for anything, not just thyroid). I am only 61! That they should be similarly uninterested in improving the life of a *young* woman is beyond belief.


Thank you for that I will, I don't think age should matter, 61 is not old and no matter what age everyone is entitled to optimum health,


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