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Adrenal Gland problems

Can anybody advice me as to where I can get an 'adrenal saliva' test done? And if I the results state that I do have a problem what medication do I take?

Also, I have noticed my temperature is very consitent - very cold - then very hot....again, how will these findings help me with my Underactive Thyroid problem? What do I do? What meds do I take?

I am so confused with theabove

At the moment I take one tab per day of NDT - (From Thailand)..


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Genova does the test, but be warned nhs does not treat or acknowledge adrenal fatigue


Thanks. If I do purchase this test and it comes back that I do have problems what do I do from there? I am not surprised that our NHS does not (or chooses not to!) recognise this big problem of adrenal fatigue, but where can I purchase medication and what medication do i purchase?

Regards, and thanks for your reply.


There are several different issues that you might have to deal with - I'm excluding normal from my list, because that doesn't have to be "dealt with".

1) Low cortisol and/or DHEA.

2) Mixed high and low levels of cortisol and/or DHEA throughout the day i.e. no proper circadian rhythm to your output.

3) High cortisol and/or DHEA.

I don't know anything about treating incorrect levels of DHEA. I know that DHEA supplements are available, but know nothing about them.

Cortisol - there are supplements, both natural and medicinal, that can be bought without prescription. But the type you need is determined by your cortisol levels. Depending on the problem you have, it might be necessary for you to take adrenal supplements like Nutri Adrenal or Nutri Adrenal Extra. Some people with severe deficiency problems need additional help with things like hydrocortisone (or is it hydrocortisol? I don't know). Vitamin C is good for the adrenal glands in any condition. There are supplements that can help lower excessive cortisol - holy basil (also known as tulsi) is one, Seriphos is another. There are lots of other things that can help, but you really need to get your results first otherwise you won't know what to research and ask questions about.


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