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Charing Cross Hospital

On Friday I went to A & E at Charing Cross Hospital. I have a positive test for Lyme Disease my fourth test.

It costs £500 ago.

And is more sensitive than the NHS

Test. I was not getting help locally so I made a trip that

Took me late into the evening. I met a nice young man

Who walked with me from the underground with my painful

Legs at took me to the hospital.

I went to A & E /walked in centre I saw 3 doctors with my

Test report I sat in A & E till 2 in the morning waiting for a hospital

Bed which I got.

I was admited the doctor found various things wrong with my

Arms they were weak and I had difficulty in moving them.

She knew enough and organised a blood test.

And put canular in for the IV antibiotics later in the morning

When the consultant come on duty in the morning he came towards me

With a big smile and said your going how come 3 doctors passed me

In A&E he said because I choose who comes and stays here.

I then went to Chelsa and Westminster hospital someone said the A & E

Is small. The trearge nurse thought it strange.

She put me through the to the doctor who again found my arms

Weak. He was will to admit me.

But his boss and these other cretings had put their ore in.

I said this breaks international and European Standards.

He said the NHS test is the one.

Even if it's less acurate you are not going to get treated.

I throw a fit because of the infection at my local out of hours

Twice last week I said to the practice nurses on duty can't you

Complain about the local hospitals they said it's not worth it.

On Thursday the nurse called the ambulance after my fit.

I refused to go with them.

I didn't want another evening in my local A & E then put in a wheelchair

Because I could nt walk and told to call a taxi

I arrived home yesterday I met another an angel at the rail way station

Who help me walk another young man helped me a little way.

He thought I had bad hips which I didn't have just my knees.

I couldn't walk down the train and sat in first the conductor and I had a little tiff. Though not too bad.

He took my second class ticked.

I phone out of hours I said can't you back me up.

You've seen me bad.

The nurse who had told me to go a few days ago told me contact

Their office on Monday morning whether they would do a partition for me as a group of out of hours to the local NHS and national the GP will do bugger all.


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Are you getting help re your lyme. I know that there is a good support group on facebook. I have not been diagnosed but I have just had a test and I am waiting for my results. The group on facebook have been v helpful


Really sorry you have to go through this. The above link has some info in it. If you contact them they may be able to point you in the right direction. Also stop the thyroid madness has links that may help aswell. Best wishes and I really hope you get treatment ASAP. Sorry on phone


Hi Carol r

I also had Lyme due ti tick bite my arm as large as my thigh. I was admitted two days running for IV antibiotics. Now NHS ,also blood is taken for the culture but they do not carry out the test due to expense.


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