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Rushed to hospital via ambulance

Dear fellow sufferers, you all know I have been feeling.So bad demand GP home visit. Heart rate 140 . Called ambulance heart rate then increase to 160. Fibliraton of the heart again. Bloods taken asked to see doctor to ensure I had the correct thyroid function as suggested " thyroid I hadn't asked for that blood test" unbelievable ! Told him what I wanted he replied that I was very well informed I replied"Someone has to be."

I am not going to let this mistreat of me or my thyroid carry on.

Admitted to heart ward with monitors.

Waiting to get blood results. Will post as soon as I have results.

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I am sorry to hear that you are going through all of this and hope that you get answers and feel better soon.

We are all here for you

lots of love K xx


Don't worry. I had a couple of trips in ambulance too as well as visits to A&E.. It was a horrible period altogether. Fine now I am off levothyroxine and 4 day heart monitor was all clear (taken after came off levo).

I hope you get the right treatment and are home soon.


Sorry to hear this - hope you get some answers soon. Good job you are more clued up than the doctors. Hugs xx


Well done you - thank goodness we can read eh? Hope you're now being looked after properly but what a shame we have to explain to them all the time. Best wishes on their way! XX


I can't believe my bad luck, hooked up to heart monitors Endo just been to see( he was my private Endo In 2008 I am so changed and aged he does not know me) It has really upset me, I stormed out of his office when he kept saying there was nothing wrong with my TSH Levels were fine.

He has just told me there is nothing wrong with my thyroid I asked him the level TSH6, he said he was going give a blood test to see if I've had a clot. I asked him about free T3 he replied I did not need this has my THS6 is normal I burst into tears and insisted on it .

Any advice ?


I'm so sorry you are still being treated so badly, even though your TSH is 6! TSH should be a guideline. Your TSH is high end and you have symptoms of being hyper or hypo so they should be investigating further!

Are you in a position to see a private endo, one of the thyroid sympathetic doctors on the Thyroid UK list perhaps? You can request the list here

You might also be interested in a private thyroid function test, if that is a possibility for you. It includes antibodies and T3. Here is a link if you are interested.

I hope someone starts listening to you soon!

Take care!

Carolyn xxx


I feel for you as i have been in your situation in the past and then again four weeks ago after a bad virus-had to call ambulance with pounding heart and shaking and weakness. I do hope you can sort this soon-believe me, this all takes time! We are with you all the way.TSH of 6 shows you are under treated-some of us need it to be 0.1 or suppressed.Unfortunately some doctors use a reference range of 10 before you are treated, which is so wrong.You can feel terrible with TSH of 6 and pounding heart can be a sign of under treatment (as well as over treatment).i don't know your full history.


I thought the top of the ref range was 4.2? In which case would not 6 be out of range and abnormal? Whats the point of having ranges if when you are not within them the results are ignored and you are told the result is normal? Am I missing something here.......

Im really sorry this is happening but surely there is something you can do based on this and your symptoms.


Reference ranges vary from lab to lab, but even if 6 is within that range it is right at the top and still needs looking at. I'm also wondering if it might be a typo. Even if it is above range it is still considered normal by many doctors until it reaches 10 :(


We are all missing something. even if the ref range is 0.5 to 5.0 the dr doesn't have to treat you til your tsh reaches 10. Don't ask for an explanation because there isn't one. Some drs do treat earlier.

Jo xx


Hope you get this sorted, it makes me so angry to read this.xx


Hope you have a better time of it than I did. I was in the Acute Medical Unit last Monday with AF (pulse 177 at one point; that's when I decide to take their advice & admit myself with thyrotoxicosis/hyperthyroid AF)

"Care" was so diabolical I self-discharged on Tuesday. I was better off at home.


Me too had that a few times was put on monitors and oxygen scary! Thing is felt better before meds!


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