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understanding my blood tests please


I am due to see my oncologist tomorrow and have just recieved my blood tests this afternoon, could any one please explane them to me?

I had my thyroid removed in April and am due r.a.i November 6th, any information how to prepare for this please.

I appreciate any help

ferritine 100 ng/ml 13-150

tsh 3 generation 0.01 mui/L 0.27-4.20

t4L 15.1 ng/L 9.3-17.0

AC anti-thyroglobuline 53 UI/ML 115

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Ferritin is good. TSH is suppressed which is good (reduces the risk of recurrence) and FT4 is good towards the top of the range. Looks like they've got your dose right. Anti-thyroglobulin is under 115, so not positive for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's).

You'll be advised to stop Levothyroxine 4 weeks prior to RAI but you'll be prescribed Liothyronine (T3) for two of those weeks. You should also avoid fish, shellfish anything with iodine. TSH needs to rise >30 for RAI uptake so you may feel very hypothyroid and your driving reactions may be significantly impaired.

Towels were supplied by the hospital when I had RAI and I took old pyjamas, a manual toothbrush and flip flops which I chucked in the radioactive bin when I left. Phone, hairbrushes, tablet and books I was allowed to keep and take home. Take some sour boiled sweets as you may have some dryness for a couple of days and take some soft drink that you can dilute as plenty of liquids are encourage to flush the RAI from your system. You'll be enouraged to take plenty of showers for the same reason. You'll be given a list of precautions and restrictions you should adhere to for the protection of people around you when you leave the hospital.

I didn't have any adverse reaction to the RAI.


Thank you clutter, that is so helpful, i always panic before i see my specialist, the blood tests made me have a mad moment,

hopefully i will have a good appointment tomorrow. still concerned about my hairloss.


Charon, it can take many months to a year after being optimally medicated before hairshedding resolves. Stopping and starting meds for RAI isn't going to help but you can make sure ferritin, vitD, B12 and folate levels are good and ask for zinc to be tested too as this can be associated with hair loss. Biotin and evening primrose can help hair and nails, but again, it takes many months.


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