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Got My Nature Throid today :)

Got My Nature Throid today, so I just going to do a straight swap from Thyroid S, and hope I get on with them! Why do I feel nervous about swapping?! Anybody else using Nature Throid, and if so - how do you get on with it?

I see there are far less ingredients in Nature Throid compared to Thyroid S. I'm hoping my palpitations will calm down on the different brand, but only time will tell :) x

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Sip, it's the worry whether a change of brand will either worsen your symptoms or won't help them :)

Hopefully, NT will help you.

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I've just stopped Thyroid-S as it didn't make me any better than the 'faulty' ERFA. I'm seeing my endo today in the hope that I can get them to prescribe Nature Throid or West Throid. I don't see any problems changing over so good luck.


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