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Hi everyone,

Had bloods done last week and waiting for results. My last bloods showed suppressed tsh, high T4 and upper end of limit of T3. It looks like i am converting ok but still feel rubbish. Palpitations started again even though i lowered my dose of levo.

Im thinking that maybe i dont tolerate levo veery well at all. I get alot of allergies now, sneezing, eyes streaming, coughs and generally feel unwell.

As i appear to be converting would it be beneficial to try T3 only?

Any suggestions please



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  • Unfortunately, levothyroxine doesn't suit everyone. Have you tried taking another by a different pharmaceutical company? Some times that works.

    T3 alone may be beneficial but it is like everything else, we have to have a trial to find out. Others find that taking Natural Dessicated Thyroid hormones are better as they contain all the hormones we are deficient in, i.e. T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin.

    T3 is stronger as it is the active hormone our Receptor Cells need. 100mcg of levo is equal to around 25mcg of T3. 1gr (NDT) is equivalent to around 100mcg of levo.

    When you get a replacement which suits, it is amazing how well you can feel. It is doubtful if your GP will prescribe T3 alone, neither will he prescribe NDT.

  • Thanks,

    I changed brands and did slightly better on this one. But now not tolerating it well.

    Do you know if and NHS endo will prescribe T3 only.

    Had one day out last week..in the land of the living. The rest of the time just getting through each day the best way i can.

    I feel this disease has robbed way too much of my life and i need to make some changes.


  • Hi Christine

    I think only a private Endo would prescribe T3 alone. If any members has an NHS they should private message you.

    I know some self-medicate and others are reluctant but it is a desperate situation sometimes.

    If you've not had a recent blood test for your thyroid gland, get one - at the earliest in the morning and don't take meds before it take it after. Get a copy of your blood results and post on a new question for comments.If you've not had a recent B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these also and get copies.

  • Thanks,

    Should have my latest blood results tomorrow. If i went for the natural dessicated replacement would i stop levo or reduce it gradually.


  • Christine, you just switch over from T4 to NDT but start low and don't try to switch to an equivalent dose unless you are already used to T3. It might be better (and cheaper) to see how you do on a reduced T4 plus some T3 combination.

  • Thanks...got gp telephone appointment on friday will try my luck with him first..not holding my breath.


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