Had such a stressful time with my old doctors that took advice from here and changed surgery. First appointment at new doc was asked loads of questions and referred to endocrinologist within 5 minutes. Had endo appointment this week and thyroid levels have stayed the same but they are doing multiple tests (vitamin levels, addisons disease ect.)

But they have diagnosed me with sleep apnea. It's great that I finally seem to be discovering what's wrong but so angry with old doctors surgery.

DEPRESSION was the last thing old doc said I had. Changed docs next day.

Going to have to complain as old docs are endangering patient lives.

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  • glad for resolution :-) please please do complain it might spare some one else from suffering the process you did

  • Sleep apnoea can be linked to low thyroid hormones....maybe thyroid causing pressure on the windpipe ? Are you still on 50mcg of T4 ? What are your latest results ? Do hope your Endo proves knowledgeable and helpful.....

  • Yes still on 50mcg last T4 was 4.2

  • I believe most people feel better when their TSH is 1 or under - so lets hope an increase of T4 will help. Lots of websites detailing the connection with thyroid and sleep apnoea ....

  • Well pebbles, I think the Endo will increase your levo from 50mcg which is usually just a starting dose but at least you are having a good check up.

  • Pebbles, I too have sleep apnea and hashis and now wear a mask to sleep with every night ( even though I don't fit in the usual overweight category) if you have any questions about it feel free to pm me

  • Thank you, when I've had the sleep clinic testing done will pick your brain about it.

  • Pebbles, a friend with hypothyroidism and sleep apnea was last year given a mask to wear (it is computerised and shows all manner of interesting facts about each night's sleep lol) and she says her life, and her sleep, has been transformed by it. She calls it her new best friend lol!

  • I really hope I get the same results, it's just this NHS waiting game. Still waiting for sleep clinic appointment :(

  • now how u feel, i had to pay privately to get treated for both conditions. sleep study private and thyroid tests private.

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