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Can anyone help me with understanding my blood results please

WBC 9.7

RBC 5.16

Hb 155

HCT 0.448

MCV 86.8

MCH 30.0

MCHC 346

RDW 12.5

PLT 228

Lymphs 1.2

Monos 0.8

Neuts 7.4

Eosins 0.3

Basos 0.0

Troponin 5

Sodium 143

Potassium 4.2

Creatinine 72

Chloride 103

Urea 4.7

Alkaline Phosphatase 102

Albumin 50

Total Billrubin 12

ALT 33

Total Protein 71

C Reative Protein 12

eGRF over 90

Hope this makes some sense to someone and can I thankyou in advance for your help in this.

Kind regards

Dave Parker

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Dave, there's no sign of any thyroid function testing in amongst that lot. Do you happen to have a result for TSH or perhaps FT4?

If not, then it's looking likely your doctor hasn't checked for one of the most obvious causes of your symptoms - a failing thyroid...


Dave, I think members may need to see the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after each result) to interpret your results.

Click on the down arrow to the right of Recommend to edit your post and then click on the orange Edit response button.


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