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Ate bread while on holiday but no bloating

Hi everyone, I have Hashimotos and have been gluten free since March. on a recent trip to Spain I had croissants for breakfast everyday as the hot food was always cold and wasn't very nice so I had no choice. However I have had no bloating or wind as a result and do not feel any worse for it yet in the uk if I were to eat bread I would Bevin so much pain! Anyone know why? Have I cured myself?

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You haven't cured yourself. It's mainly down to the wheats that are grown on the continent. Our wheat has been hybridised to produce very short wheat so that combine harvesters can harvest the crop.

In Europe they still have the very tall species of wheat that get a chance to grow properly. It means the amount of gluten in flour is lower so the exposure isn't so bad.

But, bottom line if you are dealing with Hashimoto's (as I am too) you should avoid gluten like the plague. It may not give you gut distress but it may well still be doing just as much damage to your gut and your thyroid. There are studies that are also looking at gluten doing damage to the brain too, so if for no other reason I will never be allowing gluten into my body again!

Hope this helps you :)


Yes, I found exactly the same. I used to be wheat free, but could eat bread in France, Spain or Italy without any problems, even when I was hypo. Since having TPO antibodies I have been Gluten and lactose free and we are off to Holland toady but I will not be eating any bread.

Your comments on the wheat Donna are the same as I have heard.


I once read that much of the gluten problem in countries like the UK is that we don't dry the grain properly. In warmer countries like Spain the grain is dried thoroughly so it doesn't cause a problem. That could explain what you experienced.


Also in the UK bread and stuff is laced with soy flour. It isn't on the continent!


My mum is wheat intolerant, but is fine with a brand of bread made with French flour.


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