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Food sensitivities on the tests but no symptoms?!

Hey guys, So I have hashimoto's and had hair test done. (blood was too expensive) and apparently Im sensitive to egg white, milk protein, gluten, black pepper, turmeric, rice. coriander, cumin and some more.

Now, i can tell the milk issue but no other. As I don't have any symptoms. Its very difficult to eliminate all these foods. I'm gluten free already but found out there is dried eff white in my gluten free bread! How long does or take for the gut to heal? does that mean I have leaky gut? Do even the smallest amounts of these food matter? Like black pepper is in trace amounts in everything almost. Crazy. I have never had acid reflux. I don't get tummy cramps... what should I do? Thank u

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The best way to work out if you have an issue with a particular food is to eliminate it from your diet completely and then reintroduce it after a few weeks.

In regards to all the methods that look at whether you are allergic to food they all have problems. Hair analysis is one of the ones that is considered junk science due to there being no standards around it, hair being open to environmental pollutants including your hair products and it is dead once it appear on your head. The other methods blood allergy testing and skin patch(or prick) testing both have their own problems but are able to show that you have an immune reaction to something.

However none of these tests can actually tell you whether you are intolerant to anything which is why the elimination diet is recommended if you need to find out if you are allergic or intolerant to something.

There is loads of information around on leaky gut thanks to the wider range of low carb diets now promoted. (Two I can think of my head are Zoe Harcombe and the Banting diet.) The way to heal a leaky gut is to eat real food. Bread, whether gluten free or not, like other refined carbs is not considered real food so you should limit the amount of unreal food you eat. Real food is stuff you can make yourself from scratch.


@bluebug. - is the blue horizon carb sensitivity blood test worth paying for? If it is better to try elimination, how long would you have to eliminate a food for before deciding whether or not you have an intolerance?


I wouldn't pay for any more tests.

The reason for this is that is anyone seeing whether you are allergic or intolerant to anything would also take a history of your signs and symptoms to see if you actually had a problem, they wouldn't go on a test result alone as they can throw up false positives.

You need to eliminate them for 3-4 weeks then reintroduce them.

However if you have hasimotos or graves this explains why you should stay away from gluten - chriskresser.com/the-gluten...


I'm about to be put on an elimination diet by my doctor. This one advises that you need to be completely free for 10-14 days, before attempting to reintroduce a food. When reintroducing a food, have a little of the food at lunchtime and if no reaction, then add more at tea time. If still no reaction then that food can be classed as safe. If you do have a reaction then you need to have a break from introducing a new food for 3-4 days.

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Thank you for your reply.

I do try to eat clean and added bread in just recently as was getting bored with it all. Im on paleo diet but as I have always been very thin eating low carb is making me lose weight. And eating just meat and veg gets Boring. Also cooking and cooking constantly with long hours at work is seriously driving mad at times. But yeah, elimination and reintroduction it'll have to be I guess


get yourself a slow cooker saves cooking when you get home also get a range of slow cooker books you can find them in garden centers at reduced prices

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