Shaking inside and levothyroxine fillers

Dear all

Since ive been made aware by several gps that the shakes inside is MOST probably due to the levothyroxine,, does anyone know if there is a filler free levothyroxine on the market that wouldn't cause these unacceptable side effects? Ive heard of one called TYROSIL thats apparently in a gel capsule,,does anyone know anything about this? and is it available in the uk?

is anyone on the liquid form of it and is it less toxic to be on the liquid than the levo- with fillers please?



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  • much more likely your adrenals are stressed or you cannot tolerate levothyroxine because your body cannot convert the T4 in it into the T3 your cells are screaming for

    usually this is due to low ferritin (must be over 70 ) or folate or B12

    Also be aware that hypothyroid causes massive loss of vitamins and minerals long before it gets diagnosed so be sure to take a really good multivitamin every night before bed

  • Dear really fed up

    I dont think my body likes levothyroxine , at all

    My mind likes it even less. I take all my vitamins, but im not causing another blog argument mentioning what i did before lol, but since i have had 5 months off work im very poor and cant afford to buy them all, so i get what i can.

    I do believe that there are horrible fillers in the drug that dont blend in well with the bodys natural harmony so i will ask about the liquid form and see how that goes.



  • To concur shaking inside is an adrenal symptoms or a low iron symptom not a levothyroxine symptom.

    It's not impossible that you are intolerant to levothyroxine, or need T4 and T3, or even need natural hormnes, but it's more likely that you just cannot use it because there are conversion issues, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, low iron, low cortisol, low B12 etc.

    Best wishes

    The Girlscout

  • Dear Girl scout

    I have had a blood test and all the gps i have seen tell me im optimally dosed on 50 mg. I tried taking 75 as i am quite ill on 50 mg but developed these awful internal shakes. My endo says my adrenals are fine and am optimally dosed on 50 mg. I ache a lot on that low dose but 75 makes my shakes worse, so id rather ache than shake.

    I take my vitamins , and my gp, and several other locums that visit the practice im at say that low cortisol is as rare as hens teeth!!!

    Ive tried beta blockers to stop the shakes and anti depressants none work, so as soon as i see the gp and my endo and i find something that works i will let everyone know as i will be one very happy bunny , as i havent felt normal since this hypothroid condition , and for the last five months ive felt like death on two shakey achey legs!!

    getting fed up, fast,,



  • Hey

    Have you read that link I sent you? Taking supplements isn't enough, sometimes we need to sort out gut absorption, candida etc. When we are hypo we don't absorb things very well - it's a really dedicated road to get it all sorted out. What are your results, get copies of everything they've tested and post here. What're your iron panel levels? Have you done an adrenal saliva test? These last two are essential.

    Internal shaking is usually low iron or low adrenals. There isn't really any other reason for it (unless you are hugely over medicated and hypER but that's more of an 'external' shaking feeling). HypO can make you feel like you are shaking inside as well ...

    Betablockers slow down T4 to T3 conversion which is why they give them to hyper people so dont' take those. Ditto antidepressants.

    Your dose is probably too low and you are probably not converting. 50mcg is a really piddly starting dose and all that will do is down regulate your own thyroid production but you are not tolerating a higher dose which tells us that there is something going that is stopping your body using the thyroid meds - this is very typical and can be sorted out.

    Your endo or GP won't have the answer, it's a waste of time asking them what they think the solution is as they don't understand how to treat this condition. I'd read that doc I sent you, get the STTM book and Dr Peatfield's book, get reading on here and get yourself well.

    And an endo that knows anything about the interplay of adrenals and thyroid is rarer than hen's teeth lol.

    But you do need to get a print out of all your results with their ref ranges and post here then we can give you an idea of what's happening.



  • thankyou .. i will look for that book x its just so wrong that the gps and endos dont really know either!!!

    kind regards


  • Hi please share ur TSH level and ur dosage along with the timings of taking medication, I was on 300 mcg a day & having shakes & little tremors in my fingers but by adjusting the timings & dosage into two intervals of morning & evening had done the job for me.

  • TSH level is not a sufficient measure to gauge how the patient is doing I'm afraid so that wouldn't really tell us anything.

  • TSH is old school, not accurate when it comes to dosing. TSH is a Pituitary hormone.

  • Dear Faith

    The thyroid as ive learned over the last 5 months is a very tricky gland to treat any how, so lets hope we can all find a reasonable gp who knows how to treat it,



  • I gave up on doctors and have had to treat myself. I had the internal tremors non stop when i was over medicated and when i went hyper from the attack on my thyroid. Having Hashimotos complicated things and causes symptoms in and of itself. I hope that if switching Levo doesn't help that you will be able to look into private testing. You can have a ft4 any where in range and have most of it not converting, where it pools in the blood causing hyper symptoms. I seem to be doing better on t3 only, no t4 as i don't convert well. Let us know what happens. Good Luck to you. You have been through such a bad time of it. i have been suffering since 2009 and no one can get my meds right. I have have scar tissue in both arms from all the blood draws..crazy. im so done with all of it...and doctors.

  • Dear saayan

    happy for you . Shame your gp couldn't have done that and you had to sort it out through trial and error.

    These shakes are all over, in my arms, mostly really bad in my legs, and head ,, i have to take my meds at 6 am.. to coincide with work,,, that doesnt help, but I hope its the fillers that are making me shake and if i find that that is a side effect, and that going on filler free levo helps i will be one very happy bunny and let everyone know.

    I am on a mission to get rid of them , i wish i hadn't had this horrible condition . I empathize with you all who suffer . Its most unnatural and disturbing and everyone else thinks you're mad.



  • I have these internal tremors, I hate them especially as it's v difficult to get to sleep when they are at their worst. I try to control them by eating better and sometimes they come & go. Anxiety makes them worse so I try to keep occupied in the day time. Mine started not long after TT last Feb. I was on 100 Levo. Now on 150 Levo. Notice each time meds are raised symptoms get worse. After speaking & listening to a lot of people I think it's a combination of many factors: allergy to Levo, low adrenals, anxiety, low vitamins/mineral, not converting T4 to T3 correctly and diet. I am waiting to see top Endo privately on 9th October to see what he says. any one or more of these issues could apply to you, so you have to go through each one in turn and rule it out, which is my mission at the moment.

    The way these tremors impinge on daily life is upsetting to say the least, sometimes they go away for a couple of days and then boom, like flicking a switch,they come back. It's all hormone related.

    Are you taking supplements and if you are, do take at least 1000 Vitamin C daily. I find this helps. Also eating a little tiny bit of protein about 9.30pm helps too. Stops body temperature dropping too low which can bring on the shakes. On waking in morning, try dry brushing your lymphatic system. Use bristle brush to sweep across skin, arms shoulders breasts legs, lightly sweeping over skin up n down. Massage your scalp, lightly pinch your facial muscles and neck. All helps to stimulate lymph glands, helps balance hormones.

    Good luck with sorting it. I'm on a mission to control/get rid of them.! Let me know how you get on.


  • Dear Flowerpot

    I have them 24/7 every where It gets worse at night and i cant sleep as it feels like being on spin speed 1000. Walking about at night stops it a little, but thats painful as my hip is really bad as the bursitis on it isnt better and i think thats because my thyroid is auto immune and my immune system is so busy attacking my thyroid its forgotten to heal my hip. My gp doesn't disagree with this . however im still looking for a new gp that does nt want photo id. I feel my surgery have kept me ill too long.

    anyway as soon as i find something that works I will let eveyone know.

    Kind regards


  • Hi


    I am on Nature throid & i also get internal shakes, it's hard for people to understand this & I thought I was the only one!

    Flowerpot it Would be so kind of you if you could post once you have more feedback from your Endo, that would be helpful

    Thank you


  • Hey there

    You should not be getting internal shaking - it can also be a hyper symptom but it's usually an adrenal symptom. Many people find that they have adrenal problems, and these usually show up once they get on some decent direct T3 like in NDT. It's also a low iron symptom. It's very important to get your ducks in a row on NDT as I'm sure you know :-) Have you read Dr Peatfield's book or STTM?



  • Dear Bec

    I shouldn't like many other of us be getting horrible symptoms ,, id love to know why the gps cant save a dying thyroid in the first place in stead of letting it go beyond!!!

    I also fail to see why they don't listen to their patients and have all these people walking about or not as the case may be in such agony,,as they just cant sort them out !!

    No i havent read dr peatfields book,! but i will look it up. I am trying to get my ducks in a row as you put it, ive felt rubbish for the past 5 months because if the gp had their ducks in a row i wouldn't be in this state!


    It shouldn't be up to us mere mortals who havent studied at med school to do the gps job, for them



  • Hey no worries. Nat107 is on nature throid so its quite common for people who had underlying issues - low iron, low vits and mins, candida, weak adrenals etc - to get a 'sudden' onset when they start on natural thyroid as it contains direct T3 and it tends to show up issues that were already there. But it does happen on levo a lot too.

    I shook inside all the time on levo and levo plus T3, it all stopped when I sorted out my adrenals, iron and went on NDT.

    And lol 'mere mortals' - that is def the attitude doctors have towards their patients! HAHA. I agree, we shouldn't have to do this, but the fact is we DO right now. Get your GP to do blood tests for you etc but you are going to have to drive the bus in terms of your care...



  • I will indeed post back after i have had a chat with my pompous endo in dec.

    Youre not the only one Nat 107,,there are lots of us who have to put up with this horrid side effect,, its really nasty and makes me unable to sleep as i feel like im on spin speed 10000 , on silent and everyone else thinks im mad!! My son seems to be the only one who can feel it as he dislikes sitting on the sofa next to me as he tells me im vibrating.

    Its just unnatural, uncomfortable and not nice at all

    kind regards


    I will do my best to find out what can stop them ,,but its not beta blockers or anti depressants,,



  • Thank you very much Astro will be interesting to see what he says

    Thank you


  • Astro, if the problem is the fillers in Levothyroxine tablets ask your GP to prescribe liquid thyroxine which is filler-free.

  • Dear Clutter ,

    That is my intention, I cant think of anything else that it can be. If its not adrenal probs , then one of the side effects o the levo is shaking. I hope its the fillers, as I have dropped from 75 ml back to 50, but i get aches all overr, but id rather ache than shake and if i can.The shakes as i have read seem to do the same to everyone and keep them up all night,, its very disturbing as it feels so unnatural.

    Thankyou ,

    I am also having great trouble changing my gp as they all seem to want to have photo id,, and i dont have any .

    ive got to this old age without it , i dont see why i should have to go and spend masses to get it when society pressurises..!!! grrrrrrrr

    any way happy days and thankyou , I will stay on this site and see if i can help .

    Kind regards


  • Astro, dosing 75mcg/50mcg alternate days may help with the aches. If the tremors are as bad then you may have to ache on 50mcg unless you can persuade your GP to prescribe liquid thyroxine or one of the German Lactose free brands

  • Dear Clutter

    i went and had a blood test as the gp said i couldnt change my meds till after. Im trying everything to cut down on all the silly tablets without having all these nasty side effects, I m just so fed up of feeling so lousy xxx

    id like to feel how i felt back in march this year, but this doesnt seem to be the case xx

    any how, I dont know what stated the shakes, or why they happened other than the gp says that its the levo. I upped it to 75, felt ok for a while , then bang the shakes!!

    ive still to see a specialist regarding my hip as i still cant walk, but i dont know if this is my auto immune thyroid causing the slow recovery , or what..beginning to turn paranoid that its not the levo and that it could be something else!!!

    Hope youre ok

    kind regards


  • Astro, I think it is likely to be the Levothyroxine. It caused palpitations, tremors, internal shakes and other things in me too. I found Actavis was slightly better than Mercury Pharma, but it didn't make much of a difference. I didn't have allergic effects to the fillers though which is why liquid thyroxine may suit you better. It was the addition of Liothyronine (T3) which helped me. It calmed the adverse effects of Levothyroxine and improved my low FT3.

    The hip may be something else but the specialist will help you with that. I hope your consultation isn't too far off.

  • Dear clutter

    i dont know ,im getting fed up as i dont usually go sick from work, least not for this long , but its one thing after another, and i just feel so weak, ive gone off food as most of it seems to make me ill. there's few foods i can eat now and so the whole eating thing doesn't interest me, my dear fella has just had a whole new hip operation and its his third operation , so hes fed up with all this recovery thing, so we try and keep eachother going on the food stakes, still not a good situation, but its good hes only up the road from me, so i dont have to travel too far.

    hes on two crutches and im on one so walking up the rd with him looks amusing!!!

    any how ive asked about liquid levo and ive had my blood test again,, the last one was in june,, the gp said it was the levo that was making me shake,,

    I have an endo app in dec, but he said ive no adrenal probs and shoved me on clonodine cos he said im menaupausal,,and that was that,, so i have an app with another more sensible gp that i havent seen in ages on friday , going to ask him about these shakes ,,its making me feel sick and again very tired, but i lowered myself back to 50 mg as 75 was making the shakes so bad i couldnt function , but i wasnt so achy , now i ache and shake and i cant win,,, nearly given up !!!#

    thankyou for all you have said over the past sic months,, this community really are wonderful people and i couldnt have got through this without them all and your help

    so massive thankyou

    will keep you all posted

    many thanks


  • Shaking inside can be from too much thyroid is not a symptom of issues with fillers. Those would be more like food allergy symptoms, pain, rashes, itching etc... This low cortisol can come from being hypo. Being hypo slows down everything. I don't believe it is a separate issue. I had horrible internal tremors and vibrating when i was toxic on too much t3.

  • Dear FAITH63

    Once again , my gps still say that low cortisol is as rare as hens teeth so i wont even go there with them!!

    Yes I do feel toxic!! and its nasty

    kind regards i hope youre feeling ok

  • You will have will most likely have to save up and order your own testing and/or self treat.. The doctors don't know how to treat this.

  • The beta blockers helped me, especially if your heart races with least until you find the cause. Are you puffy too..Edema and Myxedema?

  • Well im sure thats the case,,,

    but they should find out , ive read many many reports on this on the internet and we cant all have the same problem!!!

    kind regards


  • They aren't particularly interested in finding out what's wrong with us, is the problem.

  • i agree faith

    they like the massive sallarys but if you go over your ten mins youve had it , and have to book two appointments if youve problems,,they seem to be more interested in getting the commission from prescribing some rubbish tablet that doesnt work than getting the patient well!!


    kind regards


  • Hi

    I had the internal shakes on Levo too and I thought it might be caused by the acacia powder filler used in Mercury and Actavis - which I understand is used in diet pills. Helvella is very knowledgable on this sort of thing, you could ask him.

    I would add that I also have adrenal insufficiency (as diagnosed by Genova saliva test) so perhpas that is the reason as everyone above says.

  • i am on the same pill. I was on 75 mg and lowered it to 50 still get the shakes really bad at bedtime , but they continue all throughout the day, My gp says its the levothyroxine, i have been to an endo who tested my adrenals and said there wasnt a problem and subscribed me clonodine for the sweats, and said i was optimally dosed on 50mg.

    My gp also says i am optimally dosed , but i ache alot,, the way i see it i either ache alot or shake alot,, im fed up as this time i really am due back to work since i cant take any more time off,, i still have a really bad hip,, but hey ho will have to go in the office.

    My gp says there is no such thing as low cortisol its as rare as hens teeth! I really cant stand this ,,i am hoping that if i get some answers i can stell everyone else with this horrible shakey thing how to stop it,, as its NOT BETA BLOCKERS AND ITS NOT ANTI DEPRESSANTS ,,ITS NOT ANXIETY,,and its driving me bonkers!!!!! I cant sleep at night i watch film and tv all through the night and read and do anything to divert my attention from these horrid shakes,,I really empathize with you all that have them , everyone else thiks were mad as they cant see them and they cant feel it but its driving me up the wall!!

  • My body also ached all the time felt I had body flu & it was just by chance they found I had really low vitamin D deficiency so worth getting hat checked too Astro, although I still shake inside the aches eased when tablets kicked in

    Hope this helps Astro

  • I take lots of vitamins, and minerals , im just wondering what else my dying thyroid is making me deficient in,,,

    or for that matter anyone else who has an auto immune disease,, as this shaking thing its unbearable!!! i just want to feel normal,,, i wake up with it and go to sleep with ,,well i sort of cat nap!!!!! sleep like star treck,, the final fronteer,, lol

    ive tried everything i know ,im just exhausted trying things to stop this !

    thankyou ,,kind regards


  • Well I coukd have written you post -all that stuff not sleeping. G etc. Happened to me. Beta blockers , saying it's anxiety etc. Etc. I stopped Levo and had 2 month trial of T3 but that es no good either. I am now back on Wockhardt Levo 25 mcg tablets which have less fillers but not too hopeful as it's only been a few days. Your symptoms sound like thyrotoxicosis which is what GP said to me back in may when it all kicked off.y Some of us just can't take Levo I guess. Have you had saliva test as my cortisol was high at night - hence you can't sleep - and too high at I am and too low rest of day, but no medic will hear of adrenal problem.

    Keep I touch

  • hello

    I will look up thyrotoxicosis.

    I just hate all these pills ,one does something so you have to take another to stop what that does to you and so it goes on,yeugh!!

    I took 50 mg levo and ached like a car crash, i upped it to 75 and shook like a jelly,,

    ive downed it to 50 to get rid of the shakes which isnt happening.i just feel so tired all day as my body wont stop shaking and i still have tinnitus like im standing at the airport, but i dont want to take any more levo as i want to stop shaking,, no beta blockers , no more anti depressants,, i take vitamins and hope that they help and eve primrose , various fish oils,,, etc,,,

    it just feels like its starting all over again!!!!! : ( x



  • I have been managing to control the tremors a bit more by keeping my blood sugar level even throughout day. I do this by eating small portions of fruit, berries cherries pears bananas apples every two hours. Also do breathing exercises and walk 2k every day if I can. The tremors get worse when I can't sleep. Heard that Holy Basil, (Tulsi leaf) available in a tincture but to be used sparingly helps with sleep. If I only sleep 2 hours then anxiety attacks start next day.

    Seeing top rated Endo privately on 9th October. Hoping for answers.

    Is it adrenals, allergy to fillers in Levo, low feritin folate B12, or even low vit D3? My vit D3 was 7 at the time of my TT in Feb & is only up to 32 now, long way to go to get it optimised. I used to be able to cope with anything now can't deal with slightest stress or anything out of my comfort zone. I just flip out, I call them blippy days. Can be fine for 3/4 days then all goes haywire. Having to take sleeping tablets to cope.

    Will report back after Endo visit.

    Valerie x

  • Hi Valerie

    Yes, like me can be fine for a few days and then all crashes again, Just when you think youe turned the corner. and I cant even watch a stressful programme on TV or think of anything stressful, and jump at the slightest noise in a very overreactionary way. I have used Holy basil (capsules) and also Serephos to help me sleep as my cortisol was rising at night. I also take Boots Sleepeaze (not the herbals the anti histamine) which I rotate with diazepam and other odd things to helo me sleep.

    I am SURE its adrenals but just am at a loss as to how we get any help as the medical profession (in my experience) just wont acknowledge it as a health issue. The natural practitioners and homeopaths do but these herbal remedies seem to take so long, I would just like to take some DHEA or HC and get it sorted quickly.

    If your Endo is anywhere near London or the South East or East Anglia could you PM and let me know who he/she is ? I am desperate to find a good one, dont care about cost, just want to get well and get on with life


  • Hi Andrea

    My new Endo is in Nottingham, recommended by a friend whose daughter has had thyroid issues since she was 12. (Now in her 30's) and he is only one who has helped her. He is on UK Thyrod list and will listen, due all blood tests that NHS won't. I'm lucky in that my GP has thyroid issues himself and is so disgusted with my consultant surgeon that he s willing to do any blood tests recommended/wanted by Endo. I am willing to go all that way from London in order to make sense of it all. I just need to know the reasons for what is happening to me. I agree with all you say and gonna try couple of things you have suggested. We must keep in touch and help each other. Keep going we will find the answer!

    Valerie x

  • Hi Valerie

    Great news - if you get on well I could get to Nottingham at a push. Is he private ? If so that would be even quicker. I wasn't impressed with the Thyroid UK list of private doctors in LOondon - but I didnt look at the Nottingham area.

    I am always aassuming its adrenals but of course it could be ferritin as mine is OVER and going into storage (or something). Quite honestly, I scare myself by trying to interpret what I dont understand.

    Please report back when you have seen him as it would be lovely to have some hope of help


  • Dear andrea

    i know how you feel,, i would like to get back to normal but the health service keeps failing me, its one excuse after another and then try this beta blocker/ anti depressant.go to holland and barret!!! what is happening,, all i know is that im not better and feeling worse.. six months down the line after being diagnosed and im not even half way on to the rd to recovery,,,

    all the best with yours

    kind regards


  • HI Astro

    One thing I have learned to read carefully is the contents of ALL pills, especially OTCs from Holland and Barrett. I have discovered that, apart from acaciaberry powder (Mercury Levo and Activas Lev) I can not tolerate sulfites, soya, MSG and food and some colorings/preservatives. I bought a large pot of Vit C (H&Barratt), was awake ALL NIGHT after taking one, and when I read the pot, it said Contains Sulphites.

    Soya, MSG and sulphites are hidden in everything, food products, stock cubes etc. and have caused me to have heart palps, flutters, shakes - have even ended up at A&E three times in the Spring.

    So do take care with what you are taking and, if I were you, I would try and get a different brand of Levothyroxine. As I said, I have 'demanded' Wockhardt in 25 mcg pill size, as they appear to have the least fillers and certainly not the dreaded acacia berry powder.

    Keep in touch and hope you feel better soon. Its a real drag having to check everything but I have been a bit better since I started to take more care


  • Dear Daffers123

    I hear what youre saying,

    I am just so fad up since this autoimmune hypothyrpidism,, I cant eat what i used to ,, that makes life not so good,(im no foody either,, im a eat to live sort , not live to eat,,) but when i used to eat what i wanted when i wanted, and i never took pills except the odd ibuprofen , and hayfever tablet, then bang im on 7 tablets in the am and about 5 at night , and i can hardly eat a thing, no bread, nothing with flour, my diet is so limited,, it makes cooking a chore not a joy ,, I used to love creating things for my kids ,family.Now its an effort to even think of a ping meal..!!

    im on actavis, and i asked the gp if i could change to something without fillers, and the female gp said i had to have a blood test before changing,

    im so fed up it makes me so tired, and hampers my walking and whole day ,its making me so miserable as i feel i cant do anything, i am even frightened to feel hungry as if i eat the wrong thing the shakes get worse,,,!!!

    im saying that as i just had an oaty biscuit and forgot and am shaking like a leaf!!



  • I agree with you. Life is just not worth the effort with this, is it. I was the same as you with no pills, eating anything, and as you say cooking is a real bore. Its so easy to forget and eat the wrong thing and going to other peoples houses is nearly impossible as the wrong things are in everything.

    Its difficult for the family as well, my husband has been really good but I sense he is getting fed up with not doing anything because I am too tired all the time, or too ill.

    Dont know what the answer is but keep in touch


  • Dear Andrea

    I know what you mean, you go to a friends house they offer food and you have to say im sorry i cant eat that. Then they think youre some sort of a nut case as previously you could eat anything,, now i have a very limited diet of museli, (b fast)(yes b,,,,y rabbit food) lentils for lunch,,whopeeee,, and the occasional bit of fish , cant have the batter because of flour and i hurts my stomach like hell and i start to shake, certain veg i cant eat, seem to be ok with rice and potatoes, and proteins,, and tomato soup, cant even have ixed veg soup as certain veg make me ill. im feally fed up .. cant have too much coffee, have to go for the ginger tea thing, met back ust say my tea selection is more interesting than my whole larder,,,

    and have to watch what i eat as i put on weight with this thyroid thing,,, any how think made progress with the tremor and round out what it is,, maybe not the levo, not the menaupause,, but going to ask gp if he agrees,, for more blood tests,

    any how i know how you feel , im getting very worried as i have been off work for six months at end of oct ond any longer they cut my pay and ive had it,,,,,so should go back even for half days ,for a little just to get into the swing of the place again,, not looking forward to that!!!!

    good luck

    hope things improve


  • good luck with that,, i wish you all the very best

  • yes but i dont like the tablets,, i sometimes have a few good days then back to square one,, cant go on like this need to get back to work, but im so weak ,and shaky cant get through the day,

  • Just a thought. All the fruit you eat will turn to glucose quite quickly (not as quickly as a mars bar of a glass of orange juice) but for anyone reading, if you have a candida issue, then the blighters are rubbing their 'hands' with glee with all that sugar. Maybe consider a nibble of something else which won't cause a surge of blood sugar. The sleeping issue I can relate to, it seems I sleep alternate days, however I have decided to cut my Wed 125 to 112 mcg (cut pill in half) and I seem to be sleeping better. I had my thyroid removed 13 years ago and then (lack of calcium) had to have a hip replacement. Have had hideous tremors anda gentle vibration, itching etc, from time to time, its over medication, I realise that now. It would be great if doctors would just say, keep and eye on your calcium, Vit D etc etc. or one thing can lead to another! They don't of course! perhaps they don't even know. The forum is great for information you just don't get anywhere else. However, like most things in life, one size does not fit all .... now there's another story!

  • Hi ya

    well i take my vitamins , and that doesnt stop the tremors. I was shaking so much the other night that i burned my left hand cooking and that really hurt as its the hand i use for my crutch.

    I decided that since the doc wrote me off for the last month i would have a week of relaxing instead of trying to get busy.

    Im fed up of beta blockers, anti depressants anything the gp prescribes seems nonsense, Hope fully friday week after results of blood test ,i am seeing a slightly more sensible doctor, that usually takes moths to see him, but i hope he can give me some better answers.

    anyway will report back if i get anything of interest to you all ,,

    you lovely folk



  • Hello astro, I was reading your posts about all the internal shaking on levothyroxine. Did you ever find out was was causing it? Did you find a WY to feel better?

  • Hi, i have hashimotos and came across your post whilst desperately looking for answers on google!!

    I can't take thyroxine because my heart pounds but at the same time I feel like I'm going to pass out from Low blood pressure but even worse I can't take thyroxine because i get these internal shakes.when I lay in bed at night it feels like an earthquake like my bed is literally shaking!

    Please let me know if you ever solved this problem! I'm desperate

  • Yes he is private. Although u can get referral as second opinion I think. But my husband is fed up with NHS one size fits all approach so going on this recommendation. Let you know xx

    Val x

  • I scare myself too! But it's not surprising as all this thyroid stuff is so so complicated. You/we are not alone!

    V x

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