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Hi everyone I've just signed up! I believe it's a thyroid page but I don't have thyroid issues as far as I'm aware! However I put in the search bar Shaking inside and was directed here! So here I am guys. I'm so scared by this feeling and I have no idea what it is, it happens for no reason I can think of no similar situation beforehand it just happens and the way I would describe it is its like I have parkinsons on the inside so I feel how a regular person with parkinsons looks but you can't see it it's my insides that are Shaking and it's always all over I can barely walk down the stairs whilst it's happening but am OK on the flat! I always have to stop what I'm doing and lay or sit till it passes so for me it's debilitating I am useless whilst it's occurring and it ends when it ends as randomly as it arrives! It's scary stuff! Anyone else get similar? Thank you in advance. Kirsten

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  • Welcome to the forum, Kirstens134-uk.

    If you don't have thyroid symptoms the internal shaking is more likely to be caused by anxiety or stress.

    If you have thyroid symptoms listed in the links below you should ask your GP to do a thyroid function blood test. Ask for a printout of the results and ranges and post them in a new question for advice.

  • I will look into that but I'm not aware that I suffer with any kind of anxiety but I will certainly look into it I just want it to stop it's horrible thank you

  • Hi Kirsten, I think I understand the shakes you described. I've had them a few times but only at times when I was about to go into a deep sleep. I've got undeacrive thyroid and I think ive seen references to these shakes being related to adrenal imbalances, low cortisol I think.

    Do you have any other symptoms, like tiredness or sleepiness, etc? It may be an idea to talk to your gp although they don't understand adrenal fatigue (you can google this term and dr Alan Christianson) they can test other things, thyroid test (normally just TSH level in the blood) would be advisable.

  • My shakes are generally in the day and usually when busy so it gets in the way! But yes I'm going to explain it my doc and ask for blood test I am constantly tired I literally can't wake up and I don't sleep great but even when I do sleep great I still feel exhausted regardless thank you

  • The symptoms you described sound consistent with hypothyroid and/or adrenal fatigue. I used to suffer from constant broken sleep, unrefreshing sleep even if I managed to sleep for a few hours at night, severe night sweats but they are slowly going away now on thyroid hormone replacement. These symptoms are caused by either the low thyroid itself or the adrenal fatigue which often accompanies untreated hypothyroidism when adrenals step up to keep the body functioning when the thyroid can't.

    Please do not let your gp fob you off (I was told by a female gp that my dementia-like symptoms were a part of 'being a woman', when I complained of my cognitive problems about 4 years ago) and stick to your guns about getting the blood tested.

  • If you request your GP to do a thyroid blood test ask for a Full Thyroid Function Test (few do so and will do the basic, TSH, T4). We want TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and antibodies. B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. If GP wont do them all you can use one of our recommended labs. (he should definitely do B12 etc plus TSH and T4 - hopefully he may do the rest).

    The blood test should be the earliest possible, fasting (you can drink water) and if you were on thyroid hormones you'd allow about 24 hours between last dose and test and take afterwards.

  • OK I'm going to screen shot this if I can and print it off you show him thank you

  • I've had internal shaking quite often. It can happen at any time. In my case the issue is most likely caused by high cortisol (an adrenal problem). I've never had low cortisol but I believe it can cause internal shaking as well.

    From personal experience I would also suggest low blood sugar and allowing myself to go too long without eating as a possible cause.

  • Hiya I've suffered this and I believe it can be due to thyroid imbalance or a general hormonal Imbalances.

  • Hi! I'm having this now as well. Mostly in my arms and legs. It's very hard to describe but it is like an internal shaking or vibration. I've recently had to up my thyroid meds as my TSH was rising even though I've been on levothyroxine for years and years. So it def could be due to underactive thyroid.

  • I used to have internal shaking when I was hyperthyroid before my radiation treatment. It was on the list of symptoms the endo read out to me. Don't know if this is a possibility for you❓

  • I recently changed my diet radically, and lost nearly 20% of my bodyweight. As a result I started feeling hyperthyroid (I don't have a working thyroid nowadays) which manifested as sleep problems and shaking inside - but it was pretty well full time. Reducing my medication cured it.

    What other symptoms do you have? Are you over or under weight? Do you have good energy? Sleep well? Digestive issues? What has happened to you in the last couple of years, illness, accident, or major stress?

    Thyroid or adrenals are the most likely. Both tend to have other symptoms alongside, which might make it easier to point you towards the first tests to ask for.

  • Interesting, I have something similar, usually when still or lying in bed, feels like the bed is shaking

  • Hi, I started with extreme shaking episodes that would come on out of the blue back in 2011. No doctors knew what was causing them. I would feel awful when they came on and my heart would race. I eventually found a medical nutritionist in London who helped. He diagnosed adrenal fatigue and started me on a regime of supplements and offered diet and lifestyle changes. It didn't happen overnight and I took one step forward and two back but I got my life back. Good luck in getting to the bottom of it all.

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