Shaking Inside

Im sorry Im doing it again,,, !(Please don't have a go at me folks)

Could someone please explain what causes the shaking inside feeling.. I have asked several Gps(also read several books) and they all say that its not a symptom of hypothyroidism, but I've never had it before, only when I became badly ill being under medicated ,after being diagnosed with auto immune hypothyroidism, and my body was gradually all but shutting down, bit by bit,,, and now i have this permanent shaking inside feeling , which i have read that others have too,, what is it , and why does it happen and why wont it go?



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  • I've just had a look at your last posts and it would appear that your TSH was around 3?

    Would that be correct?

    What are your latest blood results?

    A lot of us get this shaking inside so you're not alone.

    I think your taking that right?

    Like many on levo you may still be underdosed?

    Please post latest bloods


  • Dear joesmum

    I havent had a blood test since June,

    I have since gone up from 50mg levo to 75 and feel slightly better, but I also take loratadine

    with the levo as I think i got that tip from Clutter a wonderful earth angel and administrator on this site.

    I still dont feel like I used to in march this year and feel that my now auto immune thyroid has changed me as person. I am very much slower at everything now whilst I used to be fast at doing anything. I feel like my life changed drastically in three months .

    Yes my last TSH was about that.

    Thankyou,,will post bloods when have next test.

    Kind regards


  • Have you had a regular bowelmovement ?? I had the shakes and that was what itbwas about. Dont take no more meds until u go to yhe bathroom to clean u out really good

  • Hi I had same situation I also have shivering in my stomach always resently I did blood test my blood reports result is


    Roc count:4.83






    Total leukocyte:5.3





    Platelet count 301

  • Hi Hun I had that feeling to bit trying to explain it to a doc was hard going. It was like a high feeling for me but have never taken drugs but I do enjoy a glass of wine again. That did stop when I was at my worst. But that shaky feeling is like when you need sugar or food. But in my experience it's all down to your thyriod. Only if it is hypo. I been freezing myself tonight and wearing thick cardigans in this heat. I had a full thyiod done on tue and seeing the doc again on mon to discuss further action. So press on it makes a difference. Hope that helps xx

  • Dear Happy Go Lucky

    I tried to explain it to the Gp and endo , by saying it feels like im sitting on a washing machine on spin,, both the doctor and endo dont think its thyroid related, but ive never had it before and only since being diagnosed.

    I go the other way and just perspire constantly even indoors with a fan on, its embarrassing.

    What did you mean when you said you had a full Thyroid done>?

    I really empathise and hope you feel better soon

    Kind Regards


  • There are a couple of links on this page but I also know that a TSH of 3 requires more medication.

  • Dear Shaws

    I am now on 75 ml, and still have this shaking thing,all day long,, the sweats i have mostly in the eve , but i then become dreadfully tired,its like it takes it all out of me.

    My endo said put me on clonodine and thinks my symptoms are menopausal not thyroid,,

    so i am now on 75 ml levo, painkillers naproxen, clonodine twice a day and ranitidine,

    also sage and eve primrose which helps but doesnt stop the sweats.

    However I still shake inside , feels like blood inside bubbling,,I hate it,,

    and i dont understand why it happens,,and i still dont understand why the thyroid decided all on its own to mess my body and my life up!!My hormones all went banannas too.

    Kind Regards


  • I like you have a shaky feeling but mine is just in my right leg it's more a tremor than a shake as if my blood is trying to flow but can't I also on 75mlgrmes levothyroxin I get very hot hands of a night I cannot sleep sometimes I take frozen peas to bed and hold them all night

  • Hi astroscopesuk. I agree this site is wonderful. I'm trying to get diagnosed properly. I have a TSH of 4 ( last test was Feb). Got ridiculously high cholesterol low vit d. I recognise some of your symptoms including the internal shaking. I had full thyroid panel don recently and back to (rather unsatisfactory gp ) for results tomorrow but after reading up on autoimmune thyroid issues the symptoms do sound like yours and mine. I have definitely read that internal shaking is a symptom. For me it's like a quivering feeling. I should also say I had it when I was perimenopausal and I read at that time that it was a symptom of that too. Could that be a factor do you think? Take care x

  • Dear Bunty 88

    I had the shaking when my thyroid went, i apparently became menopausal after.

    I hate it ,, it doesn't stop and sometimes its so bad i feel unsteady .

    I am used to being active , not as slow and shaky as this,

    Kind Regards


  • I get this shaking feeling too, for me it's low cortisol. One of the symptoms of that is profuse sweating. My GP has put me on hydrocortisone.

    Could you get an adrenal stress profile done to check your adrenal function? I did mine through Genova diagnostics, it cost approximately £83 with the courier service.

  • Dear Helcaster

    My Gp says low cortisol is as rare as hens teeth!

    thats also what my endo says!!!

    I had a 24 hour urine test thats supposed to test for adrenal stress , this came back normal!!!????????????? still confused

    Kind Regards


  • Hi astroscopeseuk, Mine is hellishly low from steroid injections over the years

    Your doctors need to access the Addison's Facebook page, no shortage there of people with low or no cortisol. Trouble is most GP's and endos are completely out of their depth where adrenal insufficiency is concerned, easy to say it doesn't exist.

    I have met people who now have adrenal insufficiency just by using asthma inhalers long term. I think apart from steroid injections that are known to cause problems with adrenal function, if you've been hypo a long time untreated or poorly treated the adrenals attempt to take up the slack from the thyroid and just get worn out. If the pituitary gland isn't working properly you can get adrenal insufficiency too. I'm having mine scanned on the 9th. It's taken me a very long time to get some action from doctors.

    My cortisol is 17 (22-41) it was 15.3 last year. I have problems with body hair loss and fainting too. I noticed if I have the slightest bit of stress I shake and feel very nauseous.

    You're not on much of a dose of Levo and a TSH of 3 is usually too high and should be nearer 1. I gave up on Levo after 2 years, and started to self medicate with armour. I wonder if it's worth raising your dose and see if you improve? Levo can cause some rotten side effects, are tremours listed on the patient leaflet? X

  • You are all saying exactly what I'm feeling do you think I should ask for a thyroid check! One lady even mentioned feelings of needing sugar and yes I agree the washing machine comment I agree all of this is happening to me!

  • Hi you have described my symptoms to a t. I have lupus and underactI've thyroid because of it. The last few months have been awful as my head feels so shaky inside and I'm perspiring so badly that it runs down my face back necked end in front of powerful fan. I take 50 MG LEVOTHYROXINE and have done so for years. I just didn't know what is wrong with me. I'm nearing the end of my tether as I'm getting nowhere with docs. Have you managed to get any real help ? I hope you have . God bless

  • You guys are describing my exact feelings

  • Is it like a buzzing in your body feeling? It could just be down to using the right words to them.

  • yup!! i said its like sitting on a washing machine on spin,,inside,,

    or like ones blood boiling inside and you feel it,,both my endo and doctor say its not thyroid,,

    I only got like this when my thyroid went auto immune, and i got heart palpitations and felt like i was dying,, but the shakes have not gone!!

    I has that awful sweaty , shakey thing for ten weeks and when the gp agreed to put me on 25 mg more levo (i take loratodine as im allergic to the fillers in it) the awful carcrash pain subsided a little,



  • I don't have a thyroid problem but I do have an adrenal problem. Cortisol is too low. I feel buzzy all the time. Worse when I'm tired. Worse when I've got insomnia.

  • I believe its an adrenal thing

    if you are on levothyroxine this could make matters worse

    i would suggest you stop taking thyroid meds for a while and instead take 2000mg vit c plus liquorice tincture (baldwins herbalists in london on the web will have it) also tske compound vit b and a really good multivitamin before bed

    if your ferritin is below 70 you will need to tske iron with the vit c

  • I would agree with RFU, sounds like an adrenal thing to me. Her solution sounds like a good one.

    But also, are you getting enough salt? Salt is necessary for adrenal health.

    And perhaps you need some magnesium, too.

  • Dear Grey

    I take lots of supplements, but i dont think magnesium on its own,,think its part of a supplement i take for me old


    the endo(pompous git he is) had me taking a 24 hr urine test and its all normal thank goodness,but he doesn't think the shaky thing is thyroid, but i had it when i became auto immune,,i really hate it and feel like ive aged about 30 years as im now much much slower and i cant walk properly,

    Now on 75mg levo and clonodine and ranitidine , and loratadine, and naproxen,,i rattle!!!

    also sage and eve primrose, for the sweats,but since i went up on the levo the carcrash aches not as bad on the whole, as i couldnt move on 50 the pain was intollerable,

    i just cant rush round like i used to anymore and im only 52,,i consider that quite young in this day and age,,and it takes me much longer to do anything as i have to take lots of breaks.

    Im due back to work next week which scares me as its a very stressful environment and im going to ge the 8th degree for not being able to do the job i was employed for as i can no longer walk 7 plus miles a day like i did in march this year.

    Any way i hope your keeping well

    Kind regards,,and i wish there was a natural cure for all of this for everyone instead of all the chemichals im now on to keep me going! its horrid



  • I would in no way suggest Astro stop taking her thyroid meds!!! There is no proof she has Adrenal Issues and this could hurt her badly, besides that, low cortisol is usually caused by low thyroid and cortisol levels should come up as she increases her dose. She most likely needs t3.

  • I will ask my gp about T3, i have no adrenal issues app, my tests were normal, even though i was having to pee every twenty mins at the time,

    My gp says low cortisol is as rare as hens teeth!!

    i just dont kow any more ,, reading as much as i can,,as i really dont feel as fit as i did three months ago!!!

    kind regards


  • I would push for all of the proper tests including ft4, ft3 reverse t3 and order them yourself if you have too. T3 can be ordered from Mexico and is cheap. They say the best test for Cortisol is Saliva, which you can order yourself...and yes low Cortisol caused by low thyroid is very common..i wish you could find a new doctor.

  • Dear Faith63

    I have very little faith that my gp will even test for anything like,

    It took me forever to ask him to test for the auto immune thing! But thanks.

    H e refused the cortisol thing saying its as rare as hens teeth.!

    Kind regards


  • Dear Astro,

    Just because he won't do them, doesn't mean you have to stay sick. Don't wait for this doc. You can order the meds and tests your self. Many here have had to.

  • Since being sick faith, my salary is very low

    I have very little left for the month, and still have to feed my son and myself,,i dont even have the money to do that for the month now, my son does help out but hes not on a fantastic sallary and so we have to really budget. I cant afford to pay for tests,, I wish i could.

    Many thanks


  • I'm sorry that you are in this predicament. Maybe you could save over time. I would stop some of your supplements and use the money to pay for tests instead..all you need is a free t3, that is the most important. The t3 meds will cost less than your supplements too. Your menopausal symptoms are most likely due to low thyroid, it makes everything worse. My menopausal symptoms stopped when on thyroid meds. This is a terrible situation to be in.

  • GPS is an idiot. My cortisol level is 195nmol last time it was checked. Baseline is 185nmol. Been told I have secondary adrenal insufficiency by dr who I went to see regarding B12 deficiency. He was researching a link between the 2. I think I have pernicious anaemia. I basically crashed, body broke down. Was anaemic, b12 deficient, vit d deficient (all classic PA signs), this is when I started feeling buzzy.

  • But Faith, is she had adrenal issues, which it really looks like she has, she is not going to be able to use the levo, because her body can't convert it without the correct levels of cortisol. Cortisol levels only come up if you use T3, not T4. T4 just makes it worse. And it says on the PIL that adrenal issues should be sorted BEFORE taking T4. Leaving it off for a little while won't hurt her badly, it will just stop it pooling in her blood, which could hurt her. After all, if you have to have a certain scan - can't remember what it's called - on your thyroid, you have to leave off the thyroid treatment for six weeks! So a couple of weeks won't do her much harm.

  • hello really fed up123

    I have had an adrenal check, a 24 hr urine was murder!! i couldnt go anywhere! and had to time when i dropped it back to the hospital. results normal.

    I have had times when i have thought of not taking my levo as im allergic to the fillers in it,, but as i mentioned before (take loratodine,,thanks to clutter for that wonder tip.)

    I drink ginger and licorice tea its yummy,

    but am on clonodine hydrochloride, ranitidine, and naproxen and sage and eve primrose,,

    still dont feel like i used to in march when i was working lots of overtime and running about like a 23 yr old, walking 7 miles a day , swimming lengths and lengths on my days off.

    Now I cant walk properly ,i have to walk with a stick and everything is so much slower, i cant do anything as fast as i used to ,i feel like ive had a whole frontal lobotomy..just not the same woman i was three months ago,, i had so much energy, and now i have none. if i get stressted all the sweats and cramps start again ,, stupid thyroid,,why on earth did it have to do this.

    i dont know anything about any ferratin /foliate tests,,my gp hasnt mentioned it at all.


    hope youre keeping well



  • I used to run half marathons Hun.


    This thyroid thing really changes ones life big time,, no wonder gps think were depressed.

    One minute were as fit as a flea and then next were like some 90 year old only being able to do little blasts of things. Stupid thyroid~!!!

    kind regards


  • :(

  • Hi,

    In my own experience the shaking inside -- in the belly -- feeling was due to sheer exhaustion, particularly nervous exhaustion. This is similar to the adrenal theme that others have mentioned.

    You can get a lot of control over the behaviour of your adrenal glands through natural methods, without resorting to medication. I would suggest having a look at the Gupta Progarmme (there is a website) for people with chronic fatigue. This teaches you a number of methods of calming your body. It stopped my shaking inside feeling within weeks. I think that for anyone with an endocrine disorder, it is really important to be able to keep the body calm.

  • hi helenabc

    i will look at that website ,,many thanks



  • I had terrible internal trembling and shuddering which has slowly improved with increased thyroid meds. I used to see Dr Skinner who told me it is very common when hypothyroid and probably due to disruption of the nervous system. Mine follows a cycle with the trembling feeling followed by a wave of muscle cramps and then a big sweat and sometimes breathlessness and used to be much worse at about 4am but has improved by taking a dose of Armour about 5pm.

  • Hello debjs

    whats armour please?



  • Armour Thyroid is a form of Natural Dessicated Thyroid. There are several other types but others on this site are much more informed about them than me.

  • The best known ones are listed with details on the Thyroid UK medicines page:


  • Thankyou Rod

  • thankyou,debjs

    i shake all the time, internally, its a horrible feeling and i have lots of night sweats

    usually after muscle cramps too.I have had my levo upped to 75ml and the shaking isnt as bad as it was but its still there. I was diagnosed auto immune in about april and then all my troubles started, i was really ill, and my whole body went purple blotches,, so i think your doctors advice sounds correct, disruption the nervous system.

    I felt an absolute mess for two and and a bit months.

    Thankfully on the mend ish now i think . still unable to run or do anything with any speed, but getting there. Thanks to this site and all the earth angels here.


    Kind regards


  • Theres controversy about how to treat adrenal stress and i understand thst for dome people taking thyroid hormones make the situation worse hence why it can be better to treat the adrensls first and then when you restart the thyroid meds they work better

    you also need to ensure ferritin is over 70 and vit d and b12 sre optimal

  • Had this too - like how you imagine "Wylie Coyote earthquake pills" - internal & external (I was prescribed beta blockers then ropinirole - didn't take them) they went when I had my partial op. Sometimes I'm still a bit shaky but that could be low B12 too.

    here's an NHS link, they mention raised adrenalin & the list of causes include hyperT - J

    we don't recommend stopping your Thyroid meds


    sorry to hear u had a partial op,,

    i suppose this shakey thing is a bit eathquakey,,,

    soz getting tired now

    thankyou for the link x

    Kind regards


  • astro it could be you simply did way too much back in march and plain wore out your nervous system .........they used to call it nervous breakdown when I was a kid

    Do you also feel freezing cold inside and cant get warm but sweat pours off your forehead my husband was like that

    The shaking inside I relate to after having my 2nd child I quite literally did not stop with the shaking /shivering for hours and it must have been adrenal stress after being induced and an epidural

  • Dear Realy fed up

    I think i did way too much at work, as they oush us to do more and more and more and if you're under achieving they want to know why! Then they don't understand when half the employees have gone long term sick with stress, and related illness /disease= its all money money money!!!

    Also I had a really stressful time in april when my brother and daughter and really close manfriend, were due to have an operation all about the same day , and work were not going to let me be there for them, and i was the only one who could be. I was badly stressed as work kept pushing me and my leg had gone and they kept making me do more and more even though the Gp had written me a note to put me in the office, they said no the office was full and i had to work outside.. so the next day my leg just would nt work and then my other leg went and i couldnt move and then i just ended up a shakey wobbly mess ,,so i think my nervous system just went to pot,, scary as anything.

    you could have a point there, as i was diagnosed auto immune about then too.

    I just pour with sweat several times a day , but its very exhausting as i feel exhausted after and just want to sleep.

    Then im up all night as i cant sleep ,,no winners with this stupid thyroid thing eh,,

    I hope youre keeping well.

    Kind Regards


  • Astro ...I am lucky I do not have thyroid/hashimotos its my husband , daughter and 3 granddaughters that do husband was really very very ill by the time he got diagnosed with hashis/hypo despite previously having Graves and surgury and it was 12 useless years on thyroxine and then t3 before he got Armour thyroid but now at 72 he really is pretty fit and well although still must never overdo things

  • So sorry to hear your story, but you must be very patient with so many in your family with this horrible condition.

    I AM ONLY 52!!! and feel far from fit,,.. i am so slow at doing anything now and it take s all my energy to do one thing,, I went swimming for an hour today and came home and took every bit of energy i had just to give myself some hydrotherapy!!!

    Im happy for you that your husband is doing so well.

    Kind Regards


  • I have it too, although I can not comment on why. My adrenals showed high blood and urine cortisol but normal saliva cortisol. I am certainly aware that I am more sensitive to caffeine and the shakiness is worse after I exert myself - exercise, emotions, or even just doing something around the house for too long. I am not supplementing adrenals but am on T3 and was under the hopes that it would help but to date it has not. Good luck with it and also look at saliva cortisol if you can.

  • Hi Astro I just wondered if you ever got on top of the shakiness as my hypo thyroid body reacts to the t3 and t4 meds in much the same way it's been 8 weeks of it, silent tremors all in my head? How did you fix it?

  • sorry Nordidordi

    i dont think i ever got on top of it,, more like my body got used to it,, and i still feel like my body is shaking inside sometimes ,, however i will say its better with the use of lots of vitamins,,,

  • First time I have read that others have the jitters inside. Thought I was weird.

    Started same time as under active thyroid.

  • Hi, I am on 75mg levo too for the past year and I am shaky and trembling inside. My GP told me to 'double up' on fluoxatine (from 20mg daily to 40mg). This makes me 'zombifeid'. I know that many of us Hypothyroidees are shaking inside - why can't the GPs acknowledge this.

  • I have this internal trembling too, it started after taking NDT last June and hasn't gone since. It comes on around 4pm and lasts all evening, drives me mad. I also wake up in morning with the judders. Sure its a thyroid thing, but who knows?!

  • Sometimes I think it's your immune system trying to fight back! Even tho it's a bit weakened,if that makes any sense to you

  • Astro. I am Lovie! I was diagnosed with hoshimoto thyroiditis. I had an Auto Ammune disease that attacked my thyroid and now I have to take synthroid. I get shaky just like u and I have noticed that my blood pressure is off. My Dr put me on a low dose of blood pressure med and it has helped. Hope this helps. And yes adrenal can cause it and many other things to.

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