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Hi help with results please :-)

Hi all

I could do with some help with my results if possible please, in April this year my TSH was 2.2 but I was still gaining wieght, foggy brain, really tired etc... The GPs refused to do any other tests (T3 T4) as my TSH was within range.

I went private and my doctor said I was under medicated and to up my dose of Levi slowly from 125mg to 175/200mg (over several months).

I am now on 200mg of Levo taking muli vitamins and have gone gluten and dairy free , which has stopped my IBS in its tracks :-)

I am starting to feel like I have more energy but not sure if my resluts are looking a bit hyper now:


FREE THYROXINE* 23.0pmol/l(12.0 - 22.0)

FREE T3 6.2pml/l

I'm feeling really well apart from the odd chest tightening up now and again, but that seems to be easing off now. This and the fact I have more energy is all I have noticed that has changed oh an I feel happier :-)

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LoopyLuP, I'd expect to see a suppressed TSH on 200mcg but yours is just low. FT4 is slightly over range but again, to be expected on that dose. You haven't included the range for FT3 but I it looks as if you are probably still in range. Your results don't indicate overmedication :)


if you feel good, should be ok, but if you get funny feeling around your heart area (not pain), but fluttery like...might be not good...and slightly over medicated...


Thank you both :)

Sorry Clutter was trying to type it on my phone and it cut the T3 ranges off!

The reference range for the T3 (3.1 - 6.8)

As for the weird feeling, it was like a heavy/tight feeling in the middle of my chest almost like indigestion and the odd fluttery feeling. It was around 3 weeks after upping my dose from 175mg to 200mg and felt like that on and off for about 3/4days. I have been on the 200mg for around 8 weeks and getting less of the tightness (only happens if I get stress out) so I am hoping that it’s just me adjusting to the new amount?

I have emailed my doctor with my concerns but like i said i am starting to feel better :) might even be able to start swimming again..... If I dare get in a swimming costume lol ;) !


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