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Body swelling after 3 weeks on 60mg Armour Thyroid


I'd be very grateful for some help.

I went on Armour thyroid 45mg 7 weeks ago. After a month my T4 and T3 were borderline low.

FT4 12

FT3 3.9.

My FT4 was 18 before I started Armour, my FT3 was the same.

I increased to 60mg. That was three weeks ago, and I have started to have a lot of oedema in the last 2 weeks, so much so that my abdomen, feet, legs and fingers are very swollen, and I cant wear my shoes by evening, clothes can't fit. What do you think might be the cause and any advice on what to do?


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Misspinny, I think you were undermedicated on 3/4 grain. 1 grain is equivalent to 75mcg-100mcg Levothyroxine, probably the lower dose. If your symptoms don't improve you should increase to 1.5 grains in two weeks.


How old are you? Do you have any possible congestive heart issues? What was your blood pressure before and now?


Hi, thanks for replying, I'm 53, I don't have any heart issues and my BP /pulse are usually low/normal, 115/75, pulse 65, but they have both gone up since I've been on the Armour.

They are 133/83, pulse 80 just now. The highest has been 138/90 pulse 96 on saturday, after 2 weeks on 60mg.

I was wondering if the T3 might be giving me congestive heart failure, so am a bit worried



It is possible. You may not have felt super on T4 but it is possible the heart can't cope well with the amount of T3 in the Armour.


If anything, T3 calms my heart down. I use T3 alone and have also used NDT which has been in use for over 100 years and usually if you take too much of any thyroid hormones, we soon feel the consequences, i.e. very fast pulse, too hot etc. This resolves when either missing the next dose and reducing thereafter. This is a link for info:-

Go to date November 27, 2004 on this link:

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I would say your dose is just too low. You're only on a very small dose. Were you on anything before the Armour? How much were you taking?


Hi, I was on levothyroxine 75mcg for 2 years before I started the Armour. I changed because of the hair loss with levothyroxine.


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