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Need diagnosis!

I have just had a load of blood tests done for the 6th time in 11 years, having had a range of symptoms over that time. For the first time I really suspected that my thyroid was the problem and so read up on it before I got my results, which meant that I could find out what tests were actually done and the levels etc. rather than accepting 'everything's normal' and being made to feel like I was making it all up! Not only did the Dr. give me my newest results, but a print out of all my blood test results over the last 11 years!

I have only ever had a TSH test, when I asked if I could have an T3 and T4 test he said that they could only be ordered by a consultant. Is this standard? I live in Gloucestershire.

I Pointed out that I have a lump on my throat, so fortunately he has sent me for an ultrasound on my thyroid, perhaps then he'll refer me.

Anyway, my results make for interesting reading;

TSH levels

2003. 0.6 - 2 months after my first child

2005. 4.5. - heart investigations due to ectopic heart beats and palpitations. Conclusion was more ectopic beats than he'd expect but deemed to be benign.

2006. 2.6. - 6 months pregnant. Probably benefitting from baby's hormones!

2009. 3.7 - Bowel investigations due to constipation, cramps, bloating etc.

2012. 3.7 Bowels again I think

2014 3.9 (last week). Tested at midday, I've since found out that this is when the level is lowest. Anyone know what difference this might make? This test was because of bowel issues again along with hot flushes and night sweats. My FSH was tested and its a very healthy 5, so NOT the change. I've been taking my basal body temperature for the past 4 days and its averaging at 36.25 C.

I've also had tests for arthritis due to joint pain, pins and needles and swollen fingers. I get migraines and dizzy spells and lack energy. Sometimes before my evening meal, I have to lie down and I can barely speak! Thank God for my lovely husband. My symptoms do seem to come and go though, I think I've kept them in check mostly over the last couple of years with excercise. I usually run about 9 miles a week. I've also noticed that my last 2 tests were also done in the autumn. I've read that the Thyroid can take a hit when the weather changes and days get shorter.

I'd be really interested in anyone's opinions of my results and where to go from here.

According to the American Association of Endocrinologists I've been hypothyroid for the last 9 years, but the UK is a different story!

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Welcome to the forum, Winegum2.

Your symptoms are classic hypothyroidism and your TSH >3.9 is certainly high enough to be causing problems. When TSH is elevated this is a response to the body signalling that the active hormone T3 is low.

Have your next thyroid blood test as early in the morning as possible when TSH is highest. Yours may then register >5.0 which may be enough to get a diagnosis if you have thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOab) . Ask for TPOab to be tested to confirm or rule out autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's).

You might also request ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate to be tested as they're often low/deficient in hypothyroid patients and present with musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood very similar to hypothyroid symptoms. Ask for a printout of your results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) and post them in a new question for members to interpret and advise.

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I also live in Gloucestershire, my GP managed to get tsh, t4 and free t3 done for me.

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Cripes how much more evidence does your idiotic doctor need to diagnose Hypothyroid

Your area has no right whatever to refuse to do Free T4 and Free T3 because clearly your TSH has been rising steadily and indeed you should have been treated when it was 4.6 years ago

Go back to your GP and INSIST that

Thyroid Antibodies

Free t4

Free T3




Vit D3


are done

I will bet that antibodies are high as will be cholesterol

all the rest are likely to be low with ferritin almost zero

Your symptoms alone scream hypothyroid .........if your ferritin is low that needs to be corrected forst with iron and Vit C before you take levothyroxine because your body cannot utilise T4 containing thyroid meds without ferritin being over 70

If the GP still refuses complain very loudly to the Path Labs boss and the Area Hospital Board

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Thanks, those replies are very helpful!

I last had my cholesterol tested in 2009 and it was slightly raised at 5.1 for Serum Cholestorol and 3.5 for LDL Cholestorol. Will definitely ask to have it done again, along with all the others.

Another thing I noticed was that my Serum amylase level is pretty low at 35. The scale used meant that it is normal over 23, but again there is discrepancy in what scale to use. Some labs say that it should be over 40! This is an enzyme to digest carbs. So maybe I need to cut down on those!

Now its just a waiting game for the ultrasound appointment. Meanwhile, I feel rubbish!


its certainly a good idea to cut carbs and also gluten as that's often involved in Hashimotos although not always but since gastric motility is affected in hypothyroid

I think your doctor needs to full appraise themselves of all the evvects of hypothyroid along with the deranged blood results that accompany it

one you get ferritin tested in your shoes I would start taking iron plus at least 500mg vitamin C at lunchtime and a really good multivitamin before bed because all your vitamin and mineral levels are highly likely to be very low indeed

My husband was well into scurvy and beri beri despite a diet rich in oranges and wholegrain brown bread long before he got hypothyroid diagnosed


UPDATE: I had the ultrasound. My thyroid is slightly enlarged and there are some small nodules but they are deemed 'normal'.


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