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More or Less ?

Good morning everyone,

Been taking tiny doses of my liquid T4 (although i still can't take much at all, it does more to improve things and is better than any of the other medications so far)

I took only 0.5ml on Sunday - done so much good and felt not to bad in comparison to how I normally feel, I am now feeling quite bad, I thought I was missing it as it seems to have caused a reasonable amount of stress but my high pulse, sore chest, and parts of me are burning hot and other parts are freezing - should I have some tomorrow or should I wait - it seems to be a mixture of symptoms.

I am still on Betablockers and have been trying to take the medication twice a week, I did try three times a week but that was too much for now.

I have completely changed my diet - so I have no dairy, gluten, soya and minimum Sugar & Fructose as well as taking Perm A Vite Powder to improve the health of my gut lining.

Any thoughts would be appreciated

Thank you

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KW, I can only suggest that the improvement you felt after Sunday's dose followed by feeling bad today suggests you need more meds and you should take a dose tomorrow. I hope it makes you feel better.


Morning Clutter,

Thank you for you advice, I did take some this morning - I will c how it goes, I have had to rush to the loo a couple of times and I am rather hot but hopefully that will settle.


Hello Clutter,

Do you think it might be worth me trying to take one bigger dose once a week, instead of tiny drops hear and their?


No, KW. I think you should build up gradually given the problems you've had. Aim for small doses until you can tolerate daily small doses before increasing dose.


Thank you Clutter, your right I need to be more patient.

Will I have to settle on twice a week with a tiny dose for a number of months before I can increase? I worry about being on these betablockers for all this time


KW, when you can tolerate twice weekly without discomfort move to thrice weekly for a while and then increase until you can manage a daily dose. When you are managing a daily dose you can then think about a small increase once/twice weekly etc. until you are on the full dose.


Thank you Clutter, not sure if I can tolerate twice a week, my pulse went up, along with my temperature, stomach pains & been wide awake all night, not sure if I need to take more betablockers, don't think I can manage on one dose a week. It is so confusing


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