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Hi everyone, just came across an interesting article in the Daily Mail. It says drinking bottled water can leave you deficient in magnesium. I'm interested in this because I only drink Evian due to my bladder disease, chlorine in tap water is very painful for me. Also acid reducing meds cause malabsorption too and I have to take them for my bladder too. I'm 11 years down the line with both and wondering if this is giving me some answers. Also mentioned was adrenal function and magnesium. Well worth a read.


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  • Thanks, I have been using magnesium spray for a few months now. My son has baths with ?Magnesium flakes to.

    Has definitely made a difference

  • Hi Jessiepup, that's great he's noticed improvements. I think I'm going to up my game where magnesium is concerned!

    Where do you get the magnesium flakes from? I can't have baths but I thought maybe I could soak my feet in the solution.

  • You can make Magnesium spray from the flakes, just mix with distilled water (there are recipes on the internet) or you can buy the spray but it works out more expensive - the 'better you' brand is good.

    Amazon sell the flakes.

    The dolling website is good and the book is excelent - I bought the kindle book.


  • Thanks for this, very helpful! I have distilled water from when I tried LDN.

  • I don't see why tap water would have more magnesium than bottled water (esp since a lot of it is just bottled tap water). Surely it would depend on the source of the water (as would the amount of magnesium in tap water unless magnesium is added to tap water). I thought the minerals in hard water were not very bio-available.

  • Hi Angel of the North, I have no idea why there's more magnesium in tap water. I drink Evian as it's the lowest chloride I think you can get with mineral water. I'm afraid I'm stuck drinking this and over the years it's made my bladder pain more under control.

    The water where I live is very hard, it's pretty disgusting, it's from a Spring up on a hill. The water company has supposedly made it more palatable, but my partner filters it, and the kettle sings when it boils, so we use cheap mineral water in the kettle.

    It's interesting how much magnesium we need and what the signs of deficiency are.

  • Hard water areas have a higher amount of minerals in the water.

    NATURAL BOTTLED MINERAL WATER has lots of minerals in because it is bottled at the mountain and usually the Mineral content is published (Evian is one of these)

    if it doesn't say ' Natural Mineral Water' or Spring water eg Buxton on the bottle then it is purefied tap water, and during the purefication process the minerals are eliminated.(these would be the cheaper brands if bottles water)

    At work we buy 19L bottles of water for the cooler which is purefied tap water but Magnesium has been ADDED back in.

    As usual the Daily Mail has not given the full story!

    This website shows the mineral content if European mineral water - can't find one for GB at the moment.


  • I'm careful to only drink Evian, it has a list of minerals including Magnesium, it's like a medicine to me and thousands of others who have interstitial cystitis. In the early days I even used it in hot drinks and cooking water! I just used filtered water now, but I steam my veggies anyway.

    It seems then the greatest risk is with the acid lowering drugs I have to take. They really are causing havoc with anaemia etc etc

    Interesting that the purified water you have has had magnesium added in.

    I'll look at your link, thanks!

  • epsom salts bath will add magnesium at high levels .Its drinking from plastic bottles thats bad cos it affects hormones by leaking chemicals from plastic in bottle into water some countrys ban plastic bottles .I have glass bottles x

  • Hi missthyroid, I don't have much choice but to have plastic bottles I know they're not good for you and it does concern me. But because I have interstitial cystitis I have to have water with me at all times, and the glass bottles are just so heavy to carry around everywhere. I do recycle all my plastic, but still feel really bad about it. God knows how many now over an 11 years period since I got diagnosed.

    Thanks for the info on Epsom salts. X

  • according to dr.david brownstein & others plastic water bottles have estrogen's leaking from them among others

  • Yes I've heard that too. Part of the reason sperm counts are getting lower.

  • Maybe an idea would be buy glass bottled water but transfer it into your take around plastic bottle it wont hurt then .Its the process of the plastic bottled water thats the problem because the water has bern in plastic for a while and the bottles are heated when made and then filled with water before plastic cooled down hence it leaching i to plastic .I buy glass bottled but fill my little plastic bottles for journeys a couple of small ones xx just an idea

  • That's such a good idea! All the water I use is bottled so we buy in bulk. I'll have to run it by my partner as he does all the heavy lifting for me!

    It could definitely work though, I know there would be implications re cost but I think it would be worth it.

    You're a genius! X

  • X

  • Could buy it online get delivered x

  • Yes we do that sometimes, you can be charged extra for that, and so many times they don't bring it. I think mostly because it's so heavy. We do get lucky occasionally. Then I feel sorry if it's a woman delivering the shopping, as we have 9 steps up to our front door, but usually my partner goes out to help! It's a 40 mile round trip to the supermarket as we're very rural here, so I don't feel guilty :-)

  • It's the BPA that is in plastic and linings of tins and so on - that is an endocrine disruptor....

  • Thanks Marz, I know it's a serious issue. I try to have things in cartons or fresh to avoid this. But yes the water bottles could definitely be causing problems, it's all I ever drink from. I must do some research on this. X

  • chriskresser.com/are-concer...

    Quite like this guy and hadn't seen this article. He is always quite balanced so the previous article I read had said BPA was dangerous....

    Confused.com :-)

  • I like him too Marz, I heard him on the radio too, no cringe factor! He is very knowledgeable and has a sensible approach to health. I've read quite a few articles online he's written.

    I'll take a look at the link, thanks so much!

  • ...so glad you approve :-) Looking at patterns for tops on John Lewis when your reply popped in ! Hence speedy reply :-)

  • Great, I hope you get something nice!

    I love John Lewis, but even more now. I had some China delivered and a plate was broken. The packers had just put one piece of brown paper between the plates. I sent in photos, oh and there was a saucer missing. Yesterday they resent the whole order again, so I now have 2 extra cups one extra saucer and 3 tea plates! I did the honest thing and emailed them, and they told me because I have been inconvenienced keep them! I've been collecting blue and white Calico design and it takes me years to buy anything, I'm chuffed to bits! Now I need to make a cake to enjoy it with ;-)

  • How about a tea party ? They ship here to Crete - which is great ! Off for an evening of Chamber Music from some players from the BBC - meal afterwards - must wash the hair !!

  • Now I have a working kitchen again, don't ask, that's a great idea. I love afternoon tea!

    Sounds like an amazing evening you have lined up, you enjoy yourself! X

  • X you have nothing to feel guilty about you are paying the wages of the person who is delivering if its a woman shes used to it .You must think of yourself on this occasion as your health is most important especially IC you need water with that .X

  • I know, but I feel guilty about everything ! It does help to keep people in work, you're right. I can't always get out if I have a bladder flare, so it is a lifeline for me. X

  • My friend has IC she takes fish oil to combat flares as is an antimflammatory theres a dr on the internet she swears by called dr sears he has done masses if research on fish oils and inflammation

  • It's great that works for your friend! I took fish oil anyway for years. Mine's really severe, I take two drugs plus pain meds. I have my bladder stretched under anaesthetic to break up scar tissue and to increase capacity. One thing that does also really help is following an IC diet that cuts out anything acidic, like fruit, vinegar, spicy foods etc. I don't drink ordinary tea or any coffee. I drink redbush tea as it has no acid or caffeine. I had 9 years just on mineral water, which is so boring. I can now manage a little real ale, but no wine or spirits. It has helped a lot.

    I've not heard of that doctor, i'll look him up! A fantastic urologist at a hospital in Crewe diagnosed me.

  • This is so helpful, I have just bought mag flakes bath and mag supliment. My daughter only drinks bottled water and has very bad reflux. I really hope this works have tried most things i.e no wheat, deadly night shades, apple cider (diluted), probiotics so far. So let's give this ago.

  • It's worth a try isn't it, and I don't think it's possible to overdose. Magnesium is definitely helping my muscle pain.

    I had a really bad reflux until I was on thyroid meds. I found sipping cold skimmed milk helped me, cutting out fatty foods too.

  • Just beware that Mag supplements can cause loose stools.

  • I'm glad of that Jessiepub, it's the only thing that is helping heal my anal fissures. I've been plagued with them for nearly two years now and are so painful. I honestly thought I would have to get surgery they were messing up my life so much. I read online that a woman had healed hers with magnesium. So what I do is take magnesium twice a day and sit in warm water after a bowel movement. Sorry if this is too much info! I have a bidet which is essential if you have IC it has a jet so I can run warm water to soothe, it relaxes anal muscles too. I'm at the stage where I just don't have motility without magnesium.

  • Glad it helps! My son used to get Anal fissures and they stopped after we found out he was gluten intolerant. I have no idea why.

  • I can understand that Jessiepup, gluten made that area really inflamed like I'd been burnt. :-(

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