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Free Hashimoto's Institute Starts Today Monday

There is still time to sign up and take advantage of the free presentations. PR

Day 1: Monday September 15th

Diagnosis - Test don't guess, learn what you need to know to plan your recovery.

•Andrea Nakayama - A functional approach to thyroid health

Kick-off your Institute learning with one of the co-producers as she guides you through a core understanding of thyroid health and the complexities of comprehending the many factors -- physiological and nutritional -- of a Hashimoto’s diagnosis

•Stacey Robbins - ‘Digesting' your diagnosis & ditching the victim mentality

Stacey explores the common areas that women with Hashi's struggle with like perfectionism and self-rejection. Discover how you can use this diagnosis as an opportunity for inner healing, greater happiness, and loving yourself.

•Dr. Alex Vasquez - The autoimmune paradigm

Start to decode the path to addressing your autoimmune thyroiditis with an easy to remember model that looks at 7 key aspects that every Hashimoto’s patient should consider as they move toward recovery.

And make sure to reserve time on Sunday, September 21st for a LIVE call with Andrea Nakayama, Dr. Alan Christianson, Dr. Izabella Wentz with Michelle Bickford on How to design your personal recovery plan.

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Thank you - have joined because it looks interesting; apart from the fact that, as per Americanism, all the experts are young, beautiful, highly educated and evidently successful - to have achieved that before their 50s (apart from those involved who may be 50+ but have sufficient capacity, judging by the photos, for the prerequisite cosmetic surgery) - therefore can't have been that ill!

(Sorry for the cynicism; a bit p****d off with it all!)


Thanks for posting PR4NOW - have already joined up. If you learn just one new thing it has to be worth it !


They start at 2 PM Eastern USA which would be 7 PM in the UK and run for at least 24 hours. There is a little confusion over whether they will be up for 24 or 48 hours. PR


I just got another email and they say you have a total of 48 hours to listen to a presentation.

24 hours on the live page and then 24 hours on the replay page. PR


Thanks for this PR4NOW. I managed to listen to several of the presentations and the ones I selected were very good on the whole. As Marz says - if you learn one new things it's worth it!


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