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Hi all have received my t3 but want some advice am on 75mgs of thyroxine want to reduce it to 25mgs i have got t3 tabs in 25mgs now do i reduce my thyroxine for a while or can i start taking t3 straight away and how to take it as i have seen from messages some take it all in one go and some split it,should i start off with half a tablet and see how i get on,have done a lot of reading on forum but can't get head round it all know might seem a bit dim but can't seem to take it in, also just recovering from bad bout of flu just in case this makes a difference to when i start taking it.

foxy xxx

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  • Foxyeyes, 75mcg T4 is equivalent to 25mcg T3. I would reduce your T4 to 50mcg and add in 1/4 tablet ie 6.25mcg T3 for 7 days to see how you tolerate the T3 before increasing to 2 x 6.25mcg T3 daily. If 12.5mcg T3 isn't sufficient and you intend increasing it you may want to reduce your T4 further.

    It's a bit suck it and see to how split dosing suits. Some take their T3 in one dose daily but most split into two doses and sometimes three. I suggest taking your first dose with your Levothyroxine in the morning and the second dose 4/8 hours later. If you get an afternoon slump time your 2nd dose 90/120 minutes before the slump.

    It may be best to wait until you have recovered from the flu before changing your meds else you won't know whether improvement/disimprovement is due to T3 or the flu.

  • thanks ever so much clutter will do as you recommend did think i would have to wait till i am well again will let you know how i get on.

    foxey xxxx

  • Clutter, have you read anything about taking your dose of T3 before a blood test or waiting until after?

  • Heloise, take it after the blood test. T3 should be out of the serum 6/8 hours after taking it so the last dose can be taken 8/12 hours before the blood test.

  • Well, this is what I did and also had blood taken around 1 pm so actually more like 24 hours after taking last dose , but this is the first test I've had since starting T3 only. Now I wonder if the results are falsely low: 2.8 pg/ml (range 2-4.4)

    I would prefer it a little higher.

  • Heloise, it will be falsely low after skipping T3 for 24 hours. I think it may be 20-40% lower but I'm not certain. Jimh111 and Gabkad understand this better than I and will know how to estimate the 'real' level.

  • Thank you so much, Clutter. I was a little disappointed as the FT3 level was very close to my last FT3 level on Armour. I'm sorry I didn't calculate the timing with more regard. I was in a hurry as I needed to order more T3 if I decided to continue on it. But now I'm thinking in reality it may be much higher because of the timing.

    It's hard to find information on this but I suppose it may be so individual as to make it more guesswork than anything.

    Thanks again for your opinion.

  • Heloise, TSH follows circadian rhythms and is lowest around 1pm. FT4 and FT3 lag behind by about 90 mins so 1pm testing means they're pretty much at their lowest too. The graph in this link demonstrates nicely

  • I would suggest that you wait until you are well, then reduce your T4 and wait at least 2 days before taking a small amount of T3, as advised by Clutter, otherwise you may feel overdosed and assume it is the T3 which you can't handle.

  • thanks marram will do what clutter recommends .

    foxy xxx

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