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Painful feet

On top of the usual pain everywhere ! At the moment I'm experiencing very painful feet - my feet & toes feel hot all the time & are slightly swollen & throbbing all the time - I had a operation on my right foot to remove a bunion some years ago & have arthritis in my 2/3rd toe & also have to wear orthodics - but this painful throbbing is getting worse. I do find placing them in cold water does help for a short time. I have hypothyroidism & fibromyalgia & take 125mcg levothyroxine & Vit D capsules Any suggestions as to why this is happening.? Its driving me extra nuts!!!??

Thanks in advance

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It could be plantar facilitis which some people with hypothyroidism get. You have to follow onto the next pages.


If you type Painful Feet in the Search Box on the Green Bar at the top of the page - lots of helpful posts of a similar nature will appear.... hopefully there will be something there to which you can relate. Hope so - pain is so tiring ....


I wish I had an answer for you Sutton210, I've tried everything over the past 7 years. Mine are so painful they keep me awake. I get a bit of relief taking gabapentin. I too have the swelling, on the ball of my foot and where my toes join my feet, plus swollen ankles. I had a scan and it isn't plantar faciitis in my case. All I got out of my foot doctor was that it's something systemic, but no clues. I also have very tight calf muscles.

I did think injecting B12 would help, but unfortunately there has been no improvement. I can only wear shoes that have a wide rounded shape where your toes go, and the front slightly elevated to take pressure off my toes. Clarke's Waves have been the most comfortable.


Thank you all for your replies - yes I have all of the above symptoms & have had for a few years & have to buy Clarks shoes or others where the insoles can be removed to put my orthodics in - not very fashionable !! Hotter shoes have a shop near me now too.

I am taking carbamazepine for nocturnal seizures which I was told would help with aches& pains too - but no luck - just other horrid symptoms instead!! Oh well will keep trying - may ask GP re gabapentin - but my next hurdle is a replacement hip week after next !!! - don't know which bit to sort out first - I'm falling apart -not much of me that hasn't gone wrong or had operations or exploratory tests for!!

Many thanks again.


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